AD Connect – New cloud service makes life easier

Timewarp AD Connect is the tool that allows you to use different cloud services from different providers with the same login data (user and password).

Timewarp would also like to enable larger companies with numerous employees and thus also users the easiest and most efficient way to get started with Shared Cloud Services. With Timewarp AD Connect, these can be seamlessly integrated into our system.

For our customers and their employees, Timewarp AD Connect therefore means increased efficiency and relief. Remembering and renewing multiple users and passwords for each individual is a thing of the past.

The benefit is that you keep the management of your systems with you and your user-password interface looks the same as your local system. However, Timewarp AD Connect will automatically make changes in your cloud infrastructure as well. No further steps are required from you, so shared services can be used quickly and easily at any time. It is important that data and passwords are synchronized to us, but can not be read.

Timewarp AD Connect was developed by us based on MS Azure AD Connect. With our new service, you can connect your existing AD (Acitve Directory) directly to our systems. End users then access our cloud services with their usual user and password. Our new service is already active on MS Hosted Exchange, Remote Offices, Managed Sharepoint, Managed MS CRM and Skype for Business (others on request). An advancement for Linux based programs is in planning.

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