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Austrian Airlines in the Cloud

Timewarp operates booking platform austrian.com


Austrian Airlines has been operating its booking platform austrian.com in the Timewarp Cloud for several years. The project began with the goal of creating a scalable and high-performance virtual infrastructure (virtual datacenter), away from its own hardware. In just two months, the virtualisation project was implemented and has been stable and secure ever since.

austrian.com from the Timewarp Cloud

Austrian Airlines operates a worldwide route network of around 130 destinations. In Central and Eastern Europe, the route network with 37 destinations is particularly dense. This makes it all the more important that customers all over the world always have access to the austrian.com booking platform. Several hundred million euros in sales per year run through the portal through flight bookings. “We wanted to put our systems in competent hands while reducing costs by a third. We have achieved this with this cloud concept, “says Manfred Tiefenbacher, Head of the IT Department for Sales and Marketing Systems at Austrian Airlines.


Highly available and secure Solution

High availability and cost savings were key factors in the realization of the project, others were IT security and a new, enormous flexibility. This is made possible by the use of scalable systems.
For Austrian Airlines Timewarp provides a virtual data center. After a detailed risk analysis, the cloud service provider developed an individual security concept for the cloud infrastructure of AUA. “Attacks from the Internet can bring a website to a standstill,” says Michael Pambalk-Rieger, CEO of Timewarp IT Consulting GmbH. And further: “Therefore, the virtual infrastructure of the AUA is protected by an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).” In addition to the provision of a firewall, the security concept is complemented by monitoring and backup.


Full Relief through Virtual Datacenter

The trend in IT is increasingly towards outsourcing hardware and routine tasks. “A virtual data center is a great way to give work and care to us,” says Michael Pambalk-Rieger. “In return, you get more time and an easily and flexibly expandable as well as cost-effective solution, since investment costs for the hardware are eliminated,” continues the managing director of Timewarp.
The virtual infrastructure of Austrian Airlines is housed in a TIER III+ data center of Timewarp in Vienna. In addition to the security-relevant components of the IT system (IPS, firewall, backup and monitoring), these include several cloud servers, a highly available database service and load balancing.


Load Balancing for Load Distribution and 24×7 Operation

Through load balancing Timewarp can ensure the trouble-free operation of the website. If heavy load peaks occur, the load balancing service divides the load between different servers and thus achieves a permanently high availability of the booking platform austrian.com.

Critical services are operated and monitored by Timewarp 24×7. Before the operation of the booking website of the AUA in 2009 was taken over by Timewarp, an operational and readiness recording project was carried out by Timewarp´s experts and also the monitoring system was installed. Important information regarding operation and readiness is stored centrally in configuration management database (CMDB). This means that all incidents and (proactive) maintenance tasks are tracked and processed day and night in an emergency.


The most important Points of the Solution at a Glance:

  • Highly available booking platform from the cloud


  • Virtual data center in a TIER III+ data center in Vienna


  • Outsourcing of monitoring, 24×7 operation, readiness and support


  • No investment costs and reduced costs by 1/3


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