Private Cloud

TIMEWARP's Private Cloud Computing offers the same benefits as a public cloud. For example you can provide scalability and self-management to your company as in a public cloud. But the advantage is that you can use dedicated infrastructure. The servers are available to you exclusively and will not be shared with other users or applications.

In terms of flexibility and security, this version of cloud computing has significant advantages. Even many small and medium-sized companies often have high demands on IT, but not always the resources they need to realize them themselves.

A private cloud from TIMEWARP is the ideal alternative here.

High Quality, highly available IT Services without Investment Costs

Do you need dedicated physical computing resources? Are computing and server performance a challenge for you? Especially for companies with high demands on security, uplink or self-administration, the private cloud from Timewarp is ideal.

We offer the possibility to compose your IT services yourself via the Self Service Portal based on the Azure Pack Platform (COSN). We are happy to work out a concept for you.

Timewarp only uses SSD hard drives. These enable a separate, isolated server infrastructure with maximum performance.

As an end customer you no longer need to worry about financing, purchasing, maintaining and installing your hardware. You simply rent the Sever cost-effectively with monthly billing and terminability from us. We take care of the rest.