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Fast cloud storage for businesses

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Timewarp offers All Flash storage as Cloud Service

Wait 10 seconds for the answer of your database?
Is your CRM system too slow or is your Outlook not responding to the terminal server?
Here the IT systems are missing SSD Performance!

Huge database – long wait? That does not have to be!

Because two things are enormously important for a good performance of the IT systems: fast CPUs of the (virtual) servers and fast storage systems like all flash storages with SSD.
Especially for companies that run a large number of databases and / or have disk-intensive applications running on their IT systems, low latency and high data throughput are extremely important.
For maximum performance SSD hard disks and all-flash storages should be used!

Cheap cloud storage from Pure Storage

The very high SSD performance with lower resource consumption (power, cooling, space) clearly speaks for the use of all-flash storages, but the high investment costs deter many IT managers.
Nevertheless, it is possible to use all-flash storages cheap. Timewarp offers All-Flash from Pure Storage as a cloud storage solution. This allows companies to leverage All-Flash Storages outstanding performance as a cloud solution. The big advantage of this: Pay with a pay-per-use model only what you consume!

All Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that you can get from Timewarp as a cloud service come with All-Flash. This also benefits companies with a low IT budget, who can thus rent all-flash storage at low prices.

v Server and Root Server rent with SSD

Timewarp ships all VMs with all-flash storage by default. Businesses can rent cloud servers as a vm or root server or create server pools (even across two locations).

The security and availability of your IT systems is particularly important to us, which is why we store data encrypted on the cloud servers.
All v servers and root servers in Austria are housed in two certified data centers. That’s why we can also provide SSD capacity across two locations. This significantly increases availability while maintaining high performance.

How to integrate All-Flash into your IT system

The integration of All-Flash can be done in your own data center. If you need to invest in compliance, we usually recommend moving to a certified data center as a housing variant. Another option would be to migrate the entire system to a virtual all-flash data center from Timewarp. Which variant is the best, our experts can determine by a method developed by us. Then you know what data belongs to the data center, what the best technical implementation will look like. After intensive testing and POC, the systems can be migrated to plan and go live. At every stage of the project our technical experts are at your disposal.

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