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Scale Server Statistics

Our new feature “scale server statistics” is ready to use.

  • This feature enables you to monitor
  • cpu load,
  • uptime,
  • disk usage,
  • network traffic and even
  • host cpu load and
  • host uptime of the host, your scale server is running on.

You can select the period to display in the graph with the quicklinks or the two date selectors on top of each category.

If you change selection an AJAX-request updates the appropriate category and displays new data.

Now to the graphs
In each graph the following values are stated:

  • Current is the last value collected.
  • Average,
  • Minimum and
  • Maximum are the respective values for the selected period.

Each graph is updated once per minute and the data is stored for 1 year CPU-Load is displayed as percentage proportion of how many seconds you used the cpu between measurement points. If you needed more than one CPU, the value can go over 100 percent. So an utilization of 100 percent says, you needed one CPU during the whole measurement period.

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