Load Balancing - for
Scalability and high availability

Load balancing is a key issue when it comes to high availability of web apps. Even the best-organized marketing campaign will not have the desired effect if your websites are overloaded because of temporary high access rates.

If you experience or expect heavy load peaks on websites and applications, a load balancing service is ideal for distributing the load across different servers and achieving higher availability.

With two or more cloudroot or managed Hyper V servers , trouble-free operation is ensured, because load balancing distributes your online traffic across several identical systems. With load balancing, your applications perform at high rates, are highly available and scalable.

Shared Service

Load Balacing as a shared service for one IP address offered at only 50 Euro/month excl. taxes.


Dedicated Service

A dedicated load balancer ensures you can manage your infrastructure yourself. The system is exclusively available to you and therefore you are independent and can work on the server during your office hours.
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