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Home Office

How you can now implement this quickly in your company

Home office is the order of the day during the Corona crisis. If you have not yet set up your IT systems for this, now is the time. A home office solution is easy to implement with us using a remote office solution. In this way, each user accesses an external, secure system via a terminal server connection, on which the required company data and applications are stored.
We have the timetable for the home office here!


Fast cloud storage for businesses

All flash

Timewarp offers All Flash storage as Cloud Service

Wait 10 seconds for the answer of your database?
Is your CRM system too slow or is your Outlook not responding to the terminal server?
Here the IT systems are missing SSD Performance!

Huge database – long wait? That does not have to be!


Virtual data center for Europapier

Uninterruptible IT Services for more than 1,000 employees – Timewarp’s concept for a virtual data center with disaster recovery is convincing.
High availability and redundancy with virtual resources from two TIER III+ data centers in Austria formed the basis for this. Now, the IT department of Europapier can provide a high-performance, highly available and uninterrupted solution – without additional investment costs or additional staff.


Improove implements IT Automation with cloud partner Timewarp

IMPROOVE is an international search engine optimizer from Austria. In order to be prepared for the coming challenges in the implementation of projects, the company relies on IT Automation. The cloud service provider TIMEWARP is the partner for implementing the digitization strategy.


Disaster Recovery aaS – Security Strategy with individual Solutions

Timewarp develops individual DR services based on Hyper-V or VM-Ware. Benefit from the high cost savings of a virtualised private cloud solution and the security and reliability of local data centres with the best network connectivity.


All-Flash-Data Center for maximum Power

Timewarp offers an all-flash virtual data center as a cloud solution. It allows companies to leverage All-Flash Storages’ outstanding performance as a cloud or hybrid cloud solution in a pay-per-use model.


DSGVO Compliance when Exchanging Data


Achieve DSGVO compliance when sharing data with your customers, clients, employees or patients. How? – With the file sharing solution Sharebox by Timewarp. Encrypt critical data easily and make sure your data stays in Austria.


Alternative to Dropbox: Secure Data Sharing with Timewarps Filesharing Solution

To achieve compliance with GDPR, many companies face major challenges. One of these is e-mail communication in the area of ​​personal data exchange. Since data is usually not sent encrypted by e-mail, it is increasingly looking for secure alternatives. This mainly concerns the sharing of personal data under GDPR, but not exclusively. Ideal are secure platforms on which one can store and exchange data (files) in encrypted form. These platforms are a secure alternative to Dropbox and other online storage services.


How do I ensure privacy in IT?

Rainer Schneemayer gives tips on data protection in the Cloud

Data protection is currently the predominant topic in the field of IT security. Companies are faced with the question of how to store their data so that they can fullfill the conditions of the GDPR (Basic Data Protection Regulation). Not only the storage is relevant, but also the type of transmission and processing and, of course, the rapid and complete recovery from data loss.

It makes sense not only to look at individual areas of IT with regard to data protection, but also to examine the whole IT concept of the company and to analyse all phases of the data generation, e.g. via the website, from storage to use.


Risk of Data Loss

Are your servers still in the broom cupboard?

Many companies have been hosting their servers in their own homes for years. Usually the spatial conditions and the safety precautions no longer correspond to the standard. As a result, these companies risk vulnerabilities and thus data theft. If personal data is stolen by customers or employees due to inadequate data protection measures, this can lead to heavy fines. In short, data loss can jeopardize the existence of the company.


Secure Data Storage: Cloud Storage and Privacy

How to store your Data safely


Undoubtedly cloud storage platforms such as e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive handy. From any device, you can always and everywhere access his files and make them available to friends and colleagues as needed. In the past few years cloud storage has become a dominant method of storing data.


ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Secure Cloud Services through ISO Certification

The Austrian IT service provider specialising in cloud services and housing has received ISO 27001 certification for information security. ISO 27001 guarantees the introduction, operation, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of a specially developed Information Security Management System (ISMS).


Austrian Airlines in the Cloud

Timewarp operates booking platform austrian.com


Austrian Airlines has been operating its booking platform austrian.com in the Timewarp Cloud for several years. The project began with the goal of creating a scalable and high-performance virtual infrastructure (virtual datacenter), away from its own hardware. In just two months, the virtualisation project was implemented and has been stable and secure ever since.


Colocation or Server Housing – How does it work?

Colocation or Serverhousing Vienna – Here we show you the way from your own server in the office to server housing in an external data center. Read when you should definitely take the step to server housing and what advantages colocation brings with it.


AD Connect – New cloud service makes life easier

Timewarp AD Connect is the tool that allows you to use different cloud services from different providers with the same login data (user and password).