Secure Storage of critical Data

Inexpensive Cloud Solution that is scalable and highly available.

Compatible with AWS APIs

All Data is stored 100% in Austria

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Increase the security of your data with an S3 Storage from Austria.

Your Benefits

24x7 Managed Cloud Services

Availability 99,9%

Zertifizierte Cloud

GDPR compliant

Datensicherheit in der Cloud

Protection against Ransomware

Sparen von Kosten bei Cloud Services

Low Cost/Pay-per-Use


Object Lock

Externes Backup

Disaster Recovery



Bis zu 99,999% verfügbar - oder Sie bezahlen im betreffenden Monat nichts.



Unser PoC ist leistungsfähiger als

alle Wettbewerber - oder gratis.


15 Minuten SLA - oder Sie bezahlen für den betreffenden Monat keine Service-Fee.


Ihre Daten bleiben standardmäßig in Österreich. Wir betreiben zwei zertifizierte TIER III+ Rechenzentren in Wien.

Our Solutions offers

Long-term storage of all data at low cost.

These are stored unchangeably in Austrian data centers. In addition, the S3 storage is AWS-compatible and can be combined with various backup solutions.

Guaranteed maximum flexibility with increasing data volume and with the same very high performance. Because the S3 data storage is easy to scale thanks to Scale Out Technology.

Improving data security. Because the 3 storage systems are set up in a cluster. If desired, this can also extend over 2 data centers. The service can also be expanded to include a disaster recovery solution.

Immutable storage. The Object Lock is activated by default and data can be provided with a retention time. During this time, the data cannot be changed or deleted.

Self-Service-Portal to manage your own systems or customers (resellers). The S3 cloud. storages is also multitenant.

Possible Uses for S3 Storage:

Forgery-proof archiving of data for several months/years (e.g. financial data)

Outsourcing another data copy to a separate medium (e.g. to replace tapes)

Possibility of restoring the data in the event of a disaster

Persistent storage for Kubernetes environments

Archivspeicher Cloud

Blog post: Cloud Archive Storage from Austria

Which online archive storage is the best? This question is basically easy to answer: All those archive data storage systems are suitable that store data securely and can restore them after a failure or cyber attack.

Inexpensive S3 Storage

S3 Storage

per month up from

15 €*

1 TB Storage Space
Optional Replication to
2nd DC Location in Austria
Datatransfer inclusive

*All prices plus VAT.


Dell EMC ECS-Architecture

  • High Availability
  • consistent Data
  • automatic Error Detection
  • Self-healing Functions

TIER III+ Datacenter

  • InterXion Wien
  • NTT Wien
  • Highest possible Standard in Austria

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Safety is important to us!

Therefore we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, eco standard.