Failover Data Center especially for SME

Protection against Cyberattacks and Ransomware

External Backup Cloud with immutable Data

Data stored 100% in Austria

Protect yourself from Cyberattacks

Data security and thus business continuity is an increasingly important topic, but one that is not optimally covered in many companies. This is because the costs of setting up a failover data center are often too high for medium-sized companies.

Unfortunately, however, the probability of power outages and ransomware attacks from the network is increasing. That's why we offer a DSGVO-compliant, affordable and secure backup cloud, which is a good disaster recovery solution especially for SMEs.

What does the Business Continuity Solution consist of?

Our goal is to provide Disaster Recovery services with a failover Data center at a small Budget.



Datensicherheit in der Cloud

We provide you with a backup cloud in which the stored data cannot be changed. Thus, this data is safe from attacks.

Reserved Resource Pool

Virtueller Server

For backup and restore in case of failure, we provide reserved capacities in our data centers. So that a restore is also possible completely and promptly.

Internet Connection incl. DNS Management


In addition to the hardware resources, we also take care of a fail-safe connection between your office / data center locations and our data center.

Emergency Plan

schnelle Zielerreichung bei der Umsetzung von Cloudprojekten

We develop the steps to be taken in the event of a failure and the associated responsibilities in consultation with your IT team.

Immutable Backup

Datensicherheit in der Cloud

Wir stellen Ihnen eine Backup Cloud zur Verfügung, in der die abgelegten Daten nicht verändert werden können. Somit sind diese Daten vor Angriffen sicher.

Reservierter Ressourcenpool

Virtueller Server

Für das Backup und die Wiederherstellung im Fall eines Ausfalls stellen wir reservierte Kapazitäten in unseren Rechenzentren zur Verfügung. Damit ein Restore auch vollständig und zeitnah möglich ist.

Internetanbindung inkl. DNS Management


Neben den Hardwareressourcen kümmern wir uns auch um eine ausfallsichere Verbindung zwischen Ihren Office-/RZ-Standorten und unserem Rechenzentrum.


schnelle Zielerreichung bei der Umsetzung von Cloudprojekten

Welche Schritte bei einem Ausfall gesetzt werden müssen sowie die dazugehörigen Zuständigkeiten entwickeln wir in Abstimmung mit Ihrem IT-Team.

Our Offer

e.g. Business Continuity Package

per month from


30 Servers
15 TB Storage
incl. Backup
Mirroring to a failover data center
incl. Internet connection with DNS management

*All prices plus VAT. and setup costs

For whom is the Business Continuity Service suitable?

Medium-sized companies

with approx. 300 employees and/or great dependence on IT.

Company with own IT department

Backup available in own infrastructure, but no 2nd location for backup of data.

Companies that want to outsource backup in general

This means that the backup and the 2nd backup of the data are located at 2 different data center locations.

Still unsure how to get started?

Michael Pambalk-Rieger

Innovation and CEO


You want advice, but from someone who can actually

understand something about cloud and IT infrastructure?

Rainer Schneemayer

Sales and CEO

Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco-Standard.