Networking Services


A stable and fast network is the heart of your IT systems. A highly available Internet connection is just as important as a secure and fast site network or connection between the data centre(s) and your site(s).

This is the only way you can guarantee business continuity in your company, in day-to-day operations, during peak loads or even in the event of an Internet attack (DDOS).

Timewarp has years of experience in the planning, implementation and operation of networks. We provide you with customised network services for highly available hybrid cloud applications and/or site/data centre networks. We are happy to take over the operation and monitoring of your systems and ensure that problems are rectified in advance before they become an issue.


TIMEWARP is your partner for network and connectivity. Existing PA addresses can be routed very flexibly via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This significantly reduces your costs, especially if you want to change providers, and enables a clean disaster recovery concept.
We support you in the planning, implementation and management of projects in the following areas
  • load balancing
  • Internet uplink
  • Site networking
  • VPN
  • disaster recovery
  • DMZ as a Service