What happens if 50 people use your web portal at the same time?

Almost all websites, shops, web apps and customer portals are designed for only a few visitors - and are rarely tested "under load".

That is why almost all websites collapse with 50 simultaneous visitors. The sites start to slow and frustrate visitors and employees much earlier.

How is your website doing?

Find out!

The Result

After the stress test, our report tells you:


How many simultaneous users your portal can handle

and when your page isn´t working any more.


How the loading times of your web portal are

and how many visitors are satisfied with the loading times of your web portal.


Where the weak points in your system could be

and how you can most effectively increase performance.

How does it work?

1. You sign up for the stress test. 

2. We check your registration (so that nobody can paralyze other websites without authorization).

3. We will confirm the appointment and your stress test will start automatically at the desired time.

4. After the test, we will send you the report by email.

If you wish, we will go through the result with you and advise you on effective measures

Start with the stress test now!

Ideal for


Customer and supplier portals

high traffic websites

SaaS products



How does the stress test work? 

You log in as described above, we check the data and the test starts automatically. During the test, simultaneous access to your web platform is started and the behavior of this is documented. You will receive the results by email.

Can this test break something on my web platform?

No. If there is a high number of simultaneous access to your web platform, however, this can lead to a standstill and be temporarily unavailable. We therefore recommend that you choose the time for the test so that it does not affect your operational business.

What number of users and what time should I set?

The number of users is limited to 200. With this number of simultaneous users, most web portals have reached their limit. We recommend doing the first test with a number of users up to 50. The time should be selected so that your business activities are not impaired by the possible very slow processing of inquiries. The time must be at least 24 hours in the future.

How is the approval for the test done?

On the one hand you have to verify your email address after registration and on the other hand we check your details personally to avoid misuse.

Who is running this tool?

Timewarp IT Consulting GmbH. We are an Austrian cloud service provider based in Vienna. Our servers are located in Austrian data centers.

Do you need technical know-how to understand the report?

The result of the test is understandable for everyone, even without technical knowledge. The details in the report are clearly understandable for people with in-depth IT knowledge. If you need more information on areas in your report, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact us by writing an email or give Rainer Schneemayer a call +43 1 419 14 14 203.

Do you have any questions about the stress test?

Please contact us


+43 1 419 14 14 203


1150 Wien, Pfeiffergasse 2/4. OG