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agilely movable

With Container Hosting Austria, we offer you a service that allows you to scale your IT resources quickly and securely and significantly improve the performance and availability of applications.

What is Container Hosting?

Mit Container-Technologien wie Kubernetes (K8S, K3S), Rancher (RKE2), Docker (Open Container) verpacken Sie Ihre Anwendungen in Container. Eine containerisierte Umgebung bringt alles mit, was für die Applikationen benötigt wird: Bibliotheken, Dateien, Storage, Load Balancing, Resource Management, etc.

Virtualization and containerization become applications

secure and replicated within seconds,

scaleable and


For developers and administrators, this offers enormous advantages in terms of efficiency and time management.

More control, data protection, performance, availability and scalability with container hosting Austria

Especially before the launch of a new web platform, it is often impossible to predict exactly how high the demand and therefore the number of hits will be. With the variable service offerings from Container Hosting Austria, customers have the flexibility to start small and scale up as required.

So if high performance and availability need to be guaranteed, this can be achieved quickly, easily and cost-effectively using container technologies with web services.

The frontend and backend can be generated automatically and loads can be distributed intelligently. Permanent monitoring provides live feedback to the customer, who always has an overview of their application and its utilization.

Do you want to start with a small and cost-effective web project or a highly secure application?

Container Hosting Austria was created precisely for this purpose and enables you to start with a small budget. As demand increases, the system scales manually or automatically depending on the selected mode.

We help start-ups in Austria and Europe and make the launch of new products and services a reality. For you as a customer, this can be a decisive factor in getting started quickly and safely.

Areas of Application for Docker Containers

testing environments

high volume hosting

deployment and delivery

server consolidation



online storage systems

development environments



high scaleable web platforms

The Advantages of Docker Hosting Austria


24x7 Managed Cloud Services

Scale your web systems dynamically. Use Container web platforms to automatically generate additional frontend and backend as required.


Cloud Arbeitsplatz

Transfer and reproduce applications seamlessly and quickly. Because containers are based directly on the host OS and share the kernel.

cost efficient

Sparen von Kosten bei Cloud Services

Save infrastructure and time. The special structure of containers enables a high density and thus an increasing utilization of the systems.

Do you need flexible Web Resources?

Our web platform grows dynamically with your business and easily absorbs unpredictable load peaks.

Kubernetes© Service

We offer the open source orchestration program Kubernetes as a service so that you can get started with container technology right away.

Because we know how to set up, operate and monitor a Kubernetes cluster correctly.

Still unsure how to get started?

Michael Pambalk-Rieger

Innovation and CEO


You want advice, but from someone who actually

actually understands cloud and IT infrastructure?

Rainer Schneemayer

Sales and CEO

Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco Standard.