high availability and failover for your virtual machines

transparent and cost effective

on premis or from our data centers (AT, DE)

based on proven technology like Linux and KVM

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Proxmox VE: The best Solution for your Server-Management

Server management can be complicated, especially for companies looking for efficient and scalable solutions. Proxmox VE offers just that and more. With Proxmox VE, you have the ideal tool to easily and effectively manage and optimize your server environment without any licensing costs.

We offer Proxmox VE as a fully managed service, both from our three data centers and on-site at our customers (on-premises). Our service is operated around the clock, 24x7.

The Advantages of Proxmox VE


Kostengünstige Cloud Lösungen von Timewarp

Efficient virtualization environment for optimal use of resources at lower costs (no license costs).


Connectivity und Flexibilität

Flexible platform for virtual machines, containers and backup (Proxmox Backup Server) thanks to open source such as KVM and Linux.



With Proxmox you can easily scale your server environment and minimize operating costs.

High Available

24x7 Managed Cloud Services

High reliability (99.99%), redundant design and fail-safe, for business-critical applications.

Fully managed Proxmox Cluster and Proxmox Backup as a Service

Our solutions help you

to simplify the server management and to manage your server:

Full self-administration of all VMs including backup (based on Proxmox Backup Server on Allflash Storage) in a web interface.

to comply with data protection (GDPR):

All data is stored in Austria or Germany.

to safe costs:

Open source virtualization with a tool to manage migration from VMware to Proxmox.

to improve security:

Redundant setup with firewall and disaster recovery as well as 24x7 operation.

to safe Carbon dioxide:

Our cloud services are carbon neutral.

Cloud Services

Customer example 1 “Multi-site cluster HA”

38 Nodes, stretched over 3 data centers in AT and GER

locale storage

redundant network

Firewall over all locations

Full customer access to the management interface for administering the servers and also the backup plans

24x7 fully managed

Customer example 2 "Cluster with shared Storage in one of your data centers"

10 Node Cluster in our DC with high available shared Storage Netapp

Package repository so that all nodes have the same patch status

Allflash Proxmox Backup Server

Full customer access to the management interface for administering the servers and also the backup plans

Nodes are all connected multiple times with 25 GBit switch redundancy

24x7 fully managed

Not sure how to start?

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Innovation and CEO


You want to learn more about our services or need advice from someone who actually understands cloud and IT infrastructure?

Rainer Schneemayer

Sales and CEO

Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to ISO 27018 and ISO 27001

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco Standard.