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The storage of company data off-site requires a lot of trust in the cloud storage provider.

We take this very seriously. That is why our cloud storage systems are structured according to these principles:

Timewarp RZ


Georedundant backup and storage solutions:

We only use tested architecture with high-end hardware and components for our cloud storage solutions. And this is housed in two TIER III + data centers in Vienna.


Working together in teams is easy, as documents can be accessed by different users anytime.

In addition, our cloud storage can be scaled quickly (e.g. automatic expansion of online storage if required).


We only use tried and tested architectures and concepts. From the planning of your cloud storage solution to the implementation as well as the operation and support, you will be supported by experienced cloud experts.

sichere Cloud Solutions


We are an Austrian company and we keep your data in Austria. Securing our infrastructure to the outside world is very important to us, as is ISO certifications from us and our partners.

Online Storage - Sharebox

Sharebox is an alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and similar services with one crucial difference: the data, even MS Office 365 data, is stored in Austria!


Working in Teams

Access by internal users to data via the Internet, including from mobile devices. In doing so, data is also versioned.


External User

Data exchange with external users as a replacement for email. A number of users applies here without restrictions and additional costs.


Image Files

This allows you to provide photos that can be displayed as a photo album without any effort and are therefore easily accessible.



Data can be synchronized to the local device. This is why online storage is also suitable as a backup solution for smaller companies.

S3 Object Storage

This is an S3 Service that can be offered with fast (NVME) or slower (SATA) Storage.


Secure Storage of Data and easy Management, even across Location Boundaries

Ideally, with this variant, the data does not change that often. Therefore it is also often used for backup data in order to store further copies safely. This S3 cloud storage solution can be easily scaled. This is a great advantage when fast and large data growth is expected.


Secure storage of data that should not be deleted

With S3 Storage you can outsource data that is to be kept for a longer period of time and should not be deletable. This is also called compliance mode.

File Storage

This is fast all-flash storage that is provided via a high-availability CIFS or NFS share.


Provision of unstructured Data in a LAN or over fast WAN Connections

A high level of availability can be achieved here very easily, as a transparent failover of the NFS or CIFS protocols is possible. In contrast to block storage, the data can be mounted from several systems at the same time. Direct access from clients is therefore also possible. This is why the file storage is very often used as a file storage for Office data.


Provision of Data Stores for Virtualization

File storage is easy to use, especially when it comes to high availability across multiple locations. Greater distances can be overcome with significantly less effort than with block storage.

block Storage

We provide this Cloud Storage exclusively as NVME / SSD Storage and via Fiber Channel.


Very high Performance

The block storage is used for applications with high performance requirements such as databases.



Block storage is used to provide data stores for virtualization environments.

Backup Storage

This is a SATA Storage Device that is provided via CIFS, NFS, Veeam Cloudconnect or Rubric.


Backup of Backup Data

We use the backup storage as archive storage. Here, data that is rarely needed is made available online. The performance is of secondary importance here.

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Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, eco-standard.