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Security for your Cloud Infrastructure and your Data

Securing cloud systems and thus data is one of the most important issues when outsourcing to the cloud. In addition to the security services that are included as standard with each of our cloud services, we offer individual cloud security solutions as a separate service or as part of an overall cloud solution.

Your Benefits

Individual Security Concept

Based on your situation, we develop a coordinated security concept.

Austria Guarantee

Your data remains in Austria. We operate two certified TIER III+ data centers in Vienna, where they are stored.

High available Managed Services


Our services can also be purchased as managed services, available 24x7 or 9x5 depending on SLAs.

Risk Analysis

Beratung Cloud Services

After data analysis and risk assessment for your specific situation, we develop a security concept suitable for you.

Individuelles Sicherheitskonzept

Auf Grundlage Ihrer Situation entwickeln wir ein abgestimmtes Sicherheitskonzept.


Ihre Daten bleiben in Österreich. Wir betreiben zwei zertifizierte TIER III+ Rechenzentren in Wien, wo diese gespeichert sind.

Hochverfügbare Managed Services


Unsere Services können auch als Managed Services bezogen werden, je nach SLA 24x7 bzw. 9x5 verfügbar.


Beratung Cloud Services

Nach Datenanalyse und Risikoeinschätzung für Ihre spezielle Situation entwickeln wir ein für Sie passendes Sicherheitskonzept.

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We protect your Cloud Infrastructure with this Cloud Security Services:

Firewall as a Service

Internet Security

A firewall is an important part of an online security concept. It serves as an access control against the Internet to your systems and also as an internal barrier for different security zones in your infrastructure.

We offer Firewall as a Service and Managed Firewall in a dedicated variant. By creating a secure architecture, you can optimally secure your cloud infrastructure.

Web DDOS Protection, IPS Protection und Secure DNS

Attacks via the Internet can bring a website to a standstill. DDOS Protection protects your systems from attacks from the Internet, preventing the website from shutting down.

The SecureDNS solution sends DNS requests to special servers. If necessary, the accesses are blocked.

Firewall as a Service

Internet Security

Eine Firewall ist ein wichtiger Teil eines Online Security Konzepts. Sie dient als Zugriffskontrolle gegenüber dem Internet zu Ihren Systemen und auch als interne Barriere für verschiedene Sicherheitszonen in Ihrer Infrastruktur.

Wir bieten Firewall as a Service und Managed Firewall in einer dedizierten Variante an. Durch das Erschaffen einer sicheren Architektur ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen können Sie Ihre Cloud Infrastruktur optimal absichern.

Web DDOS Protection, IPS Protection und Secure DNS

Attacken über das Internet können eine Website zum Erliegen bringen.

DDOS Protection schützt Ihre Systeme vor Angriffen aus dem Internet und verhindert so das Erliegen der Website.

Die SecureDNS Lösung schickt DNS Anfragen an spezielle Server. Bei Bedarf werden die Zugriffe geblockt.

Server Protection with XDR

XDR solutions also respond to unknown attacks because they detect changes in the system.

Thus, this solution is a much better way to protect systems than with conventional anti-virus programs, because they can only respond to known attacks. For the XDR service we use SentinelOne.

Multi Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor-Authentication or the Multi-Factor-Authentication is an extra protection against unauthorized access to your systems and protects against password abuse.

Because with the combination of a token and a PIN, access to the systems is protected by at least two queries.


With a 3-TIER architecture, you operate multiple cloud servers in different security zones, for example, web servers, applications and databases separately from each other and protected by two firewalls.

We develop customized solutions according to your needs.

Application Delivery Service

Application Delivery Service von Timewarp

Secure your web applications with a web application firewall service with upstream authentication.

Our application delivery service is usually based on F5, but is also possible with other application delivery controllers.

You can purchase the solution as an ad-on or as a standalone service.

Cloud Security Products for extra Data Protection

High secure Storage

The data safe is a highly secure online data storage for your company's sensitive data. Due to the unique design of the data safe as a cloud solution, it is as shielded as a safe deposit box in a Swiss bank.

Racks in Rechenzentrum und Datenaustausch

High secure File Sharing

An alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and co but with data 100% in Austria. The cloud storage is DSGVO compliant and suitable for confidential data.

sichere Cloud Solutions

Encrypted Cloud Server

The data is encrypted and stored in storages located in Austrian data centers. Customers control access via keys themselves through a hardware security module.

Datenbank Hosting und Monitoring Blog

Backup and Disaster Recovery

By default, we make backups with a retention period of 4 days. We offer special backup and disaster recovery solutions for all requirements with an RTO and RPO down to zero.

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