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Anycast Service for more Security, Speed and Availability

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What is Anycast Service from Timewarp?

Anycast is a powerful network routing technique that can improve the performance and reliability of your website or application. By sharing the same IP address between multiple servers, Anycast can help reduce latency, improve load balancing and increase overall network efficiency.

How does the Anycast Service work?

By sharing the IP address of spatially separated servers of the same type, requests can be distributed among them. Each request is routed to the nearest server. If this fails, the request is forwarded to the next server. Another advantage is that the response time to requests can be shortened considerably. Likewise, in the event of a very high volume of traffic, the requests are distributed to prevent the system from collapsing.

Advantages of Timewarp´s Anycast Services

Fast Responses

Service Garantie unter 15 min

Through our Anycast service, you can speed up the response to any request.

More Availability

24x7 Managed Cloud Services

Due to the possible redirection to other servers in other data centres, one is less affected by failures.

Better Load Balancing


With Anycast, you can increase security. Because with very high traffic (such as DDoS attacks), the requests are distributed.

The following data centre locations are equipped with anycast service:

NTT Vienna

Interxion Vienna

Interxion Düsseldorf

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That is why we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, eco-standard.