Cloud-based office solution

Teleworking for your team

Flexibility and comfort

Data stored 100% in Austria

With a cloud-based office, working remotely has never been easier. Discover the benefits of a remote office cloud and how it can boost your productivity.

The Benefits of a Remote Office


Connectivity und Flexibilität

With internet access, everyone in the team can access documents at any time and teams can work on something at the same time.

Cost Saving

Sparen von Kosten bei Cloud Services

Since you don't have to purchase and maintain hardware, the cloud service will save you money and time.


A Timewarp remote office is maintained and updated by our team and secured to the internet.


Your data remains in Austria as standard. We operate two certified TIER III+ data centers in Vienna.

Is a Remote Office really secure?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to a remote office cloud is security. With the right security measures, a remote office cloud is more secure than many traditional office setups.

As a cloud service provider, we have advanced security protocols and encryption methods to protect your data.

Access to your data is secured by a firewall. We take care of regular backups and software updates for you.

Security Measures in the Remote Office Cloud

Safeguarding through Firewall

Encrypted access to the virtual workplace

2 Faktor Authentification

Data stored in data center

Access to the Internet is protected by perimeter security

Securing the servers through intelligent EDR systems

Roll out updates and patches to all users

How can Productivity be increased with a Remote Office?

This gives you more flexibility in the remote office:

  • Secure access from any device
  • The virtual workplace follows the user, i.e. it looks the same from any end device.
  • Access to data via secure means, also from mobile devices, via a Sharebox that can be integrated into the overall concept.
  • No need to download data to mobile devices to edit on the go. This also prevents project teams from mistakenly working with different versions of documents.

This increases performance in the remote office:

  • With the Remote Office cloud service, computing tasks are no longer carried out on the client, but on the server in the data centre. This has a much higher performance than most end devices.
  • Due to a broadband connection of the servers to the internet, the user can access the resources very quickly.
  • The servers are always online. This enables continuous synchronisation of information.

Do you have Questions about Remote Office?

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Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data centre partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco-Standard.