Public Cloud

Public cloud - secure and cost-effective


We show you the way to the public cloud. More and more companies are using this variant of cloud computing. These benefit greatly from the popular ability to operate professional, highly available and highly scalable IT infrastructure while saving costs and time.

The Timewarp team has specialists in public cloud services with years of experience. They are happy to advise you.

Without any investment costs for new hardware but with professional support, you can use the advantages of a public cloud very quickly. Among the most important are undoubtedly plannable costs through monthly billing and flexibility through rapid expansion or adaptation to the current situation.

Shared Services and Shared Infrastructure


The public cloud is flexible and inexpensive. With a few clicks, you can increase or decrease your services. You only pay for what you need. Likewise, most of the hardware costs are eliminated. Because the vast majority of the hardware you use is outsourced and located in an external data center. The same applies to the data that you have stored in a public cloud. Trust is especially important here.

We have years of experience in the cloud environment and operate our shared infrastructure exclusively in TIER 3 data centres in Austria. We guarantee safety at the highest level.

Affordable, secure Services with a high Degree of Standardisation from Austria

Through a self-service portal based on the Microsoft Azure Pack Platform (COSN), you can easily manage your Shared Infrastructure yourself via your Timewarp Manager login.