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The Docker container solution is becoming increasingly popular. It brings numerous advantages. As one of the first Austrian cloud providers, we offer Docker Hosting and support you at every stage of your web project!

Docker packs applications into containers that deliver everything needed for execution: for example libraries, codes, etc. So the containers can be reproduced, scaled and moved within seconds. This results in enormous advantages in terms of efficiency and time management for developers and administrators.

Especially before the introduction of a new web platform, it is often impossible to predict exactly what the demand and thus the access will be. However, if it is clear that high performance and availability must be guaranteed, the Docker web platform is a very good option for achieving these goals quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With Docker, frontend and backend can be dynamically generated and loads distributed intelligently.

Due to the possibility of dynamic scaling the Docker web platform can also start with a low budget for the web project. As demand increases, the system scales automatically. For many startups or when introducing new products or services, this can be the deciding factor.

Further areas of application of Docker are:


  • Test Environments
  • High Volume Hosting
  • Deployment and Delivery
  • Highly scalable Web Platforms
  • Online Storage Systems
  • Development Environments
  • Server Consolidation

Docker Container Hosting



Scale your web systems dynamically. Docker web platforms automatically generate additional frontend and backend as needed.



Transfer and reproduce applications seamlessly and quickly. Docker containers connect directly to the host OS and share the kernel.



Save hardware and time. Due to the special construction of Docker containers, a high density and thus an increasing utilization of the systems are possible.

Need flexible Web Resources?

Timewarp´s web platform dynamically grows with your business and captures unpredictable peak loads easily.


Rainer Schneemayer, Timewarp

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