Scalable resources from the cloud

High availability and disaster recovery

GDPR compliant and all data 100% in AUT

No investment costs

Top Performance and Availability with a Virtual Data Centre with maximum Relief

Virtual data centres offer companies a flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to conventional physical data centres.

Flexibility and Scalability


Adapt your resources dynamically to changing conditions. Virtualization allows you to flexibly allocate and redistribute computing power, storage and network, depending on the requirements of the applications and workloads.

Cost Efficiency thru Cloud Solution

Kostengünstige Cloud Lösungen von Timewarp

No investment costs as you don't have to buy hardware or operate a data centre. You utilize shared resources and can consolidate multiple virtual environments on a single physical hardware platform.

Reliability & Disaster Recovery


Easily implement redundancies and failover mechanisms to improve system resilience. VDCs enable the seamless migration of virtual machines and data between different physical locations.

Austria Guarantee & Sustainability

Your data remains in a virtual data centre in Austria as standard. We operate two certified TIER III+ data centres in Vienna. This means we comply with the GDPR and offer our services in a CO2-neutral manner.



Bis zu 99,999% verfügbar - oder Sie bezahlen im betreffenden Monat nichts.



Unser PoC ist leistungsfähiger als

alle Wettbewerber - oder gratis.


15 Minuten SLA - oder Sie bezahlen für den betreffenden Monat keine Service-Fee.


Ihre Daten bleiben standardmäßig in Österreich. Wir betreiben zwei zertifizierte TIER III+ Rechenzentren in Wien.

Virtual Data Center as Service

  • We supply hardware layers and network components in two TIER III+ data centres in Austria. This allows you to connect your own IT infrastructure with the infrastructure in the virtual data centre (hybrid and multi-cloud integration).
  • We can provide you with additional infrastructure such as cloud servers, storage, databases and backups if required.
  • Virtualization on Vmware or Hyper-V.
  • No investment costs and fast and flexible expansion of components.
  • Very high security standards (including encryption and firewall).
  • Intrusion Prevention and DDOS Prevention
  • Virtual data centre with an all-round carefree package that means you no longer have to worry about maintenance, monitoring and management of your systems.
  • Very fast response times (<15 min) depending on the SLA.
  • Pay-per-use billing

Graphic of a Virtual Data Centre:

Virtual Datacenter

More about our virtual data centre customer projects:

High-availability cluster environment across three data centre locations for FLIGHTKEYS and SPACEKEYS

By setting up a virtual data centre with an improved disaster recovery solution that includes a third data centre location in Düsseldorf, the originally very high availability of the IT systems was increased even further. Timewarp also relieves the FLIGHTKEYS DevOps team in 24×7 operation. This allows the team to focus more on application support and delivery tasks, making it easier to adhere to strict SLAs and get customer systems up and running more quickly.

Michael Pambalk-Rieger

Innovation and CEO


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Rainer Schneemayer

Sales and CEO

Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data centre partners are certified to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco Standard.