Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is the best solution when it comes to combining public cloud solutions, private cloud services and dedicated elements.

Bring your own IT hardware such as servers, storage or firewalls in one of our data centres (colocation at high standard data centres Interxion or e-Shelter  in Vienna) as needed and combine it with our cloud services.

Hybrid cloud solutions fit for for companies of all sizes.

The combination of security, flexibility and calculable costs meets the requirements of fast growing businesses and reduces the time to market time.

Create the optimal Infrastructure for your Business with a Hybrid Cloud

We create hybrid clouds by combining private clouds with public clouds. We bring private clouds and scalable public cloud services together to give you a competitive edge.

As a result business processes run both on the company-owned infrastructure or can also be obtained from a public cloud. This offers flexibility, high cost advantages, security and flexibility.

In case of high demands additional computing services can be received from the cloud, without having to upgrade your own infrastructure. For your employees and their work processes it makes no difference from which cloud the application or the data come.

Timewarp is your Cloud Partner for Microsoft Licenses

We support you in the seamless integration of Public Cloud Services based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with our cloud services.

The advantage of this is to combine highly standardised services with tailor-made services, thereby creating a maximally cost-efficient but highly available and quickly and flexibly deployable Hyprid cloud (eg Office 365 combined with local Timewarp services).

With the COSN status we received from Microsoft, customers can count on Microsoft's validated architecture to be used. Through our CSP (Cloud Solution Partner) tier 1 status you have with us a contractor for all services and all Microsoft licenses. This helps our customers to save time and money.

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