O365 with Multi-Faktor-Authentication

O365 with Multi-Faktor-Authentication,
Single Sign-on and Network as a Service

Work securely, easily and efficiently with the most secure Office 365 and the additional features multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and Network as a Service from Timewarp!


Use Office 365 from anywhere, from the device of your choice and at any time. Become even faster and more flexible in your collaboration with colleagues and customers - and above all: ensure the security of your data!

Timewarp has added three crucial factors to the popular MS Office applications:

  • Multi-Faktor-Authentification

  • Timewarp Active Directory

  • Network as a Service

  • Backup and Restore with Data 100% in Austria

Multi Faktor Authentification

Data protection affects many areas. One very important one is regulated and secure access to data and systems. That's why Timewarp has added multi-factor authentication to the conventional Office 365 package. This ensures that only people you have authorised can access your systems. In addition to a user/password login, there is an additional authentication by call or SMS. Password misuse or theft is therefore no longer a risk factor for you.

Active Directory

Timewarp's Active Directory with single sign-on ensures fast and efficient login and working. This allows you to use the Office applications on several devices and also locally very quickly.
A licence check is required each time you log in. The Timewarp Active Directory synchronises your user in the MS Azure network, making an additional user and therefore an additional login superfluous.
It is also possible to synchronise users from your Active Directory to Timewarp. This means you can continue to manage your users yourself.

Network as a Service

On request, Timewarp can manage your network centrally in addition to the VPN connection to the data centre. This means you no longer have to take care of your WLAN or LAN infrastructure in the office yourself. Instead, Timewarp offers you this as part of an overall solution. This reduces the number of interfaces and increases the efficiency of troubleshooting should something not work as planned.
Timewarp thus assumes overall responsibility right through to the workplace system in the usual high quality.

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