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How you can now implement this quickly in your company

Home office is the order of the day during the Corona crisis. If you have not yet set up your IT systems for this, now is the time. A home office solution is easy to implement with us using a remote office solution. In this way, each user accesses an external, secure system via a terminal server connection, on which the required company data and applications are stored.
We have the timetable for the home office here!

Your home office in just 5 days

(with about 20 employees).

⇒ 1. Analysis: A Timewarp technician discusses your situation with you (via Teams) within 90 minutes in order to identify the most important applications in your IT.

⇒ 2. Providing infrastructure: Within two days we will provide the infrastructure on which your remote office is located.

⇒ 3. Migration: Then we migrate the most important data to the data center and create the users.

⇒ 4. Ready to start!: Now your remote office is ready for access with any device.


Special offer until April 3, 2020

In order for you to be able to maintain emergency operation in your company, we offer the Remote Office free of charge in the first month (except for the setup fees of 1,000 euros).


Your Advantages

All Data available

With a secure and efficient remote office solution, your employees and colleagues can work from anywhere. This means that you have all the necessary data on every end device (e.g. also from a private laptop). The advantage of this is that your company does not have to accept any loss of productivity, since every employee can work from home as if he were sitting in front of the desktop in the office.

We can also provide Office 365 licenses at short notice. These enable employees to work together from anywhere in the world. Not only is it easy to work on documents together, but also the regular exchange via chat and video conferences. This ensures the productivity of the employees, even if not all of them are in the same building.


Secure Data 

We also take care of the security of your data. Since the remote office (home office) establishes a secure terminal server connection with every session, you do not have to worry that malware can get into your company system via your employees’ insecure end devices. Because the physical and virtual workplaces are decoupled. We protect data using virus protection and a firewall. In addition, the data is encrypted and is only stored on servers in Austria. These are located in certified, fail-safe data centers in Vienna. We back up the data every day.


For more information please contact Rainer Schneemyer, CEO und Sales, sales@timewarp.at

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