Office 365
Cost-effective mobile work
without licensing chaos

Your office is always and everywhere with you.

With multi-device licensing at set prices, free apps and updates, and the ability to share documents across the cloud, Office 365 from Microsoft offers a lot of interesting business incentives.

We help you to find the right plans for you and offer services such as migration, operation and support.

This makes it even a no-brainer for non-technology-savvy people to obtain an IT environment that is ideal for their needs at affordable costs.

Office 365 with Mulit-Factor-Authentification

Security and efficiency are not mutually exclusive: Timewarp has expanded the popular Office range with multi-factor authentication.

Special efficiency is achieved through single sign-on, which means that multiple sign-on is a thing of the past.

It is particularly easy and convenient to outsource your network support to us! It's easy with Network as a Service!

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Your data stays in Austria

Do you want to be sure that all your data is stored in Austria?

Then opt for Office 365 in the Timewarp cloud. The Timewarp infrastructure is housed in two Tier 3 data centers in Austria, which are independent of the global Microsoft network.

In addition, you can also book data safe, Timewarp's highly secure storage service or Sharebox, the highly secure file-sharing service with encryption.

This service provides secure access from mobile devices to mission-critical data as well as data sharing with customers and partners.


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Alternative to Dropbox - Safe File Sharing with Sharebox

Sensitive data may no longer be sent by e-mail within the framework of the GDPR.

This leads to rethinking in many industries: The exchange of personal information must be done through Sharebox, an encrypted service for the exchange of Files.

Highly secure Data Storage

The data safe is a highly secure online data store for the sensitive data of your company. Thanks to the unique design of the data safe as a cloud solution, it is as shielded as a locker in a Swiss bank.

With the online data safe you regulate the access from external and internal to the data by means of a 2-factor authentication and encrypt the data at the client and during the transport. In addition, you are safe with the safe from the loss of data. Because these are stored safely in a second data center.

Verschlüsselter Cloudserver mit Hardware Security Modul

Die beste Möglichkeit sensible Daten sicher zu halten ist ein verschlüsselter Cloudserver und den Zugang zu den Keys mittels Hardware Security Modul (HSM) zu schützen .

Wollen Sie Ihre vertraulichen Daten in Ihrer privaten Cloud beim Provider speichern und gleichzeitig verhindern, dass der virtuelle Server von Fremden in Betrieb genommen werden kann?

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