Sustainability for cloud service providers

Sustainability measures at Timewarp:

Sustainability among cloud service providers is an important topic that is becoming increasingly more relevant. Cloud service providers (CSPs) play an important role in this, as they provide and operate IT infrastructure, which is also associated with high energy consumption. It is therefore increasingly important for us to organise our activities sustainably and set ourselves concrete goals as to how we can act more sustainably and offer our customers services that are as carbon neutral as possible.

Here are some of the projects we want to consider in order to achieve our sustainability goals:

1. Renewable energy

A central aspect of sustainability at CSPs is the reduction of energy consumption. We want to achieve this through the use of energy-efficient hardware and the use of renewable energy sources.

2. Resource optimisation in virtualisation

We want to improve the efficiency of resource utilisation. To achieve this, we need to analyse the carbon footprint of servers and all components used to provide virtualised environments. At the same time, we want to increase utilisation and remove resources from the system that are no longer or only slightly used. We expect this to reduce energy consumption.

3. Waste minimisation

We are constantly working to minimise waste and use recyclable materials through various changes, mainly in purchasing. This applies to hardware components as well as consumables.

4. Recycling

We have improved our inventory tools so that we can record unused components and reuse them wherever possible. The aim is to extend the lifecycle of the hardware.

5. Responsible procurement

In future, we will take sustainability criteria into account when procuring hardware and other materials. This includes, for example, selecting suppliers that offer environmentally friendly products and are committed to social and ecological standards.

6. Transparency and verification

Transparent reporting on sustainability performance is crucial to ensure that targets are not just lip service. We want to regularly disclose our efforts and progress with regard to CO2 emissions in order to inform customers and interested parties. To this end, we are also aiming for various ISO certifications, which we want to have achieved by 2026 at the latest. As a first step, we have commissioned the company EEC Austria to determine our CO2 consumption.

7. Support customers in achieving their climate targets

By implementing the above-mentioned measures, we will support our customers in achieving their own goals in terms of climate neutrality and resource optimisation and be able to present them transparently.

The implementation of sustainability measures requires a holistic commitment from us. This also includes employees, partners, suppliers and customers, so that together we can develop sustainable practices and thus reduce the ecological footprint of IT.

Further information on sustainability at cloud service providers and our vision and mission can be found here:

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