Timewarp takes over ShareVision

Growth at Austrian cloud provider Timewarp: At the end of May 2024, Austrian cloud service provider Timewarp IT Consulting GmbH took over ShareVision IT GmbH in full. ShareVision is known for its IT solutions and developments in the Microsoft 365 environment, including SharePoint, Teams, Copilot and PowerApps, as well as for consulting in Microsoft Azure. Although both companies will continue to operate independently, the bundling of their core competencies enables a unique offering on the Austrian market: genuine hybrid cloud scenarios with Office 365 and the public cloud (Azure) as well as multicloud solutions.

Benefits of the Take over

Timewarp, which specializes in business-critical cloud services and individual hybrid cloud solutions, is expanding its expertise and resources in the area of Azure services as a result of the acquisition. This offers customers more flexibility with Microsoft licenses and enables more complex hybrid cloud scenarios from the public cloud as well as multicloud scenarios with Azure.

A Step towards becoming a Full-Service-Provider

Combining the expertise of both companies will help Timewarp to establish itself as a full-service provider in the IT industry. ShareVision can now expand its offering beyond the existing Microsoft services to include Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Austria. This offers customers more flexible and customized options when designing hybrid scenarios and managed services.

Better Service for Customers

The integration of Timewarp's professional 24/7 support team means that customers will receive even better support in future. The increased effectiveness in projects is the result of bringing together over 50 employees in the consulting and development area in Austria.


The acquisition of ShareVision by Timewarp represents a significant step for both companies. Customers will benefit from a broader range of IT solutions and an expanded service offering. This strategic decision strengthens the position of both companies in the Austrian IT market and enables them to offer even more comprehensive and flexible cloud solutions.

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