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Our Way to more Sustainability Michael Pambalk-Rieger, CEO and Owner of Timewarp, explains why sustainability will play a major role. Why we want to become more sustainable? For me as a native of Tyrol, the connection to nature has always been essential. The thought that something as magnificent as the glaciers cannot be preserved for […]
DRaaS für Klein und Mittelbetriebe
Fast Data Restore as a Key Factor after a Failure For many small and medium-sized enterprises, setting up and operating a failover data center is not financially viable. The costs of renting the data center space and purchasing IT infrastructure that is just waiting for the primary data center to fail one day are too […]
Cloud Security Lösungen
Our Tipps for Cloud Security: Cybercrime is increasing rapidly. According to a study, almost half of German companies report an attack in the last 12 months, and the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) rates the security situation as critical. The situation is likely to have developed similarly for Austria, warns the Chamber of Commerce […]
KI Berechnungen mit Daten 100% in Österreich
We have expanded our portfolio to include GPU hosting. We thus provide high-performance compute infrastructure for AI applications. Technically and in terms of price, the cloud service offers a very high level (Nvidia Tesla A100 GPUs and very fast storages) that easily stands up to comparison with international providers. Together with the VDC (Virtual Datacenter) […]
We are renewing our network and are relying on the innovative vendor Arista. This will increase the bandwidth, performance and availability of our network. It is very important to us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the future and to be able to meet SLAs. This requires uninterrupted network operation, even during […]
Archiv E-Mails
New Cloud Service provides legal Certainty for Email Retention and increases Efficiency for Users and Administrators   Legal regulations require companies to archive e-mails for several years. This correspondence should be stored in a tamper-proof manner and be recoverable anytime. Therefore we offer a new cloud service based on MailStore SPE. Our customers now have […]
Archivspeicher Cloud
Which online Archive Storage is the best?   Basically, this question is easy to answer: All those archive data storage systems are suitable that store data securely and can restore them after a failure or cyber attack. This means that suitable online storage is also a disaster recovery solution at the same time. Read here […]
GDPR-compliant Data Storage and secure Data Exchange   There are companies that have particularly high data security requirements. This applies to both data storage and the exchange of confidential or even sensitive data within the meaning of data protection law, which must be encrypted and may only be exchanged via secure channels.
You rent your DB Server – We take care of it 24/7   One of the most common problems in IT departments is probably the shortage of manpower and the associated overload of employees. Nevertheless, the availability and performance of hardware and applications must be guaranteed, especially if they are business-critical. The outsourcing of the […]
Scalable DB Infrastructure with a high Convenience Factor   There are usually three things that IT managers want from an external host when outsourcing databases: The ability to easily and quickly scale the infrastructure. Comprehensive managed services that completely relieve your own IT staff in this area. A very high availability and performance of the […]
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