Protection of sensitive Data through Encryption

Protection against unauthorized Access to Data and Servers

Protection against unauthorized start-up of the Servers

We protect your servers by encrypting all data and generating and managing the key material in the hardware security module (HSM).

Your Benefits:

Encrypt Data
All data stored on the server are also encrypted and cannot be read by users outside the company.
Controll Access
Cloud servers cannot be started on a third-party virtualization platform. Because the HSM controls access to it.
Key Management
You control the access to keys in the HSM 100%. You yourself ensure that the keys are kept safe and protected against loss.

Hardware Security Tool (HSM) ensures secure Data

It keeps your sensitive data save and prevents it from steeling.

We advise you how a cloud server with HSM can be implemented in your company.

This is how the encrypted cloud server

with the Hardware Security Tool works:

So that you can safely process your sensitive data in the cloud, we encrypt your virtual machines at the hypervisor level.

Your keys are securely generated in the Hardware Security Module.

Only you have access to the management of the keys. The hardware security module can only be managed using your own remote ped (PIN input device).

Before starting the server, the pre-boot authentication must be carried out. Snapshots and backups of the server remain encrypted.

cloud server verschlüsselt

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Security is important to us!

That is why we are certified according to:

Our data center partners are certified according to ISO 22301, 27001, 27018; DIN 50001, DIN E 50600, Eco-Standard.