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All-Flash-Data Center for maximum Power

Timewarp offers an all-flash virtual data center as a cloud solution. It allows companies to leverage All-Flash Storages’ outstanding performance as a cloud or hybrid cloud solution in a pay-per-use model.

For companies that run a large number of databases and / or have disk-intensive applications running on their IT systems, low latency and high data throughput are extremely important. All-flash storages are used here. The very high performance with lower resource consumption (power, cooling, space) are advantageous, but the still relatively high investment costs for all-flash memory slow down the euphoria of many IT managers.

BaaS and DRaaS with Flash-Arrays from Pure Storage

Customers can avoid high investment costs and still be prepared for attacks or data loss. With Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service from the TIMEWARP Cloud, data can be restored quickly and completely, almost seamlessly. Based on the snapshot and synchronous replication technology used in all Pure Storage all-flash arrays.

Timewarp has chosen to use Pure Storage in its data center because of its product credentials in the POC and Pure Storage as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays. As a result, Timewarp as an all-flash data center provider is optimally prepared for all growth steps of its customers. The all-flash data center is flexible, scalable and offers the highest performance. The storage environment is highly available and delivers SSD performance comparable to local SSD speed.

SSD Performance for all VMs

Especially for hybrid cloud solutions, all-flash storages from an external data center are ideally suited. In multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures, data can be moved from the All-Flash data center across multiple locations with guaranteed workload performance. In addition, more and more IT decision-makers are running everyday workloads on All-Flash, and demand is growing significantly.

As a cloud service provider, Timewarp has responded to the new requirements and ships all VMs with all-flash storage by default. This guarantees maximum availability and maximum and predictable performance of the IT systems with high security, as the data is stored encrypted on the disks.

The right solution for the demanding challenges of Timewarp

Many companies – for example in the areas of production, payment services, video production or air traffic control – depend on a fast provision and evaluation of their data. Timewarp has created the foundation for a highly available Hyper-V (cluster) environment for Tier 1 storage with the ability to flexibly expand. Easier storage management was also one of the requirements. Due to the integration of All-Flash, two data center locations of Timewarp in Austria are available without interruption.

Maximum Availability, Performance and Scalability for Disaster Recovery as a Service

What’s new for Timewarp customers is disaster recovery as a service. Thus, customers can do without a second, own data center location. Timewarp in this case reflects the customer systems into their own data center. These are always available and critical systems can be started up quickly in the event of a disaster. The integration of All-Flash takes place either in the customer’s own data center, as a housing option in Timewarp’s All-Flash data center or as a hybrid cloud solution. In any case, companies can significantly save costs and time, while those responsible need worry less about the valuable data. Thanks to the service variant, no investments in additional hardware are necessary.

Pure Storage’s All-Flash solution has been integrated into the data center Hyper-V cluster within approximately 30 days at Timewarp and can be operated with minimal effort thanks to the simplest management interface.

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