Timewarp on the road to climate neutrality

Vienna, 17.01.2023 - In the last financial year (July 2022 to June 2023), we recorded our CO2 footprint. This was calculated by our partner company (EEC Austria). The data is now available and our emissions amount to just under 175 tonnes. We will have this value verified this year. In order to achieve climate neutrality, we have decided to offset our CO2 emissions.

CO2 compensation with a certified project

Irrespective of this, we have decided to offset our CO2 emissions. We therefore support the certified project IBANDA - MAKERA FOREST COOK STOVE PROJECT IX (Gold Standard). The project is based in Rwanda and serves to voluntarily reduce emissions (VER). This project was launched as part of the PoA African Improved Cookstoves and Clean Water Programme. It involves the distribution of fuel-efficient cookstoves to households near the Makera Natural Forest. The efficient cookstoves are manufactured locally. They are distributed free of charge to the users (only the material for fixing the stove in the kitchen has to be provided in kind). Most families would otherwise have no access to the market for fuel-efficient cookers for economic reasons. In addition, these stoves significantly improve the climate in the people's accommodation due to their economical consumption and therefore low smoke emission. A no less important point is that these stoves give children in particular more time for learning and free activities, as collecting wood for conventional cooking takes a lot of time and is associated with risks.

Several SDGs are addressed

For many reasons, it makes sense to support projects in the 3rd world or in emerging countries: On the one hand, a lot of money, including from the public sector, flows into projects and initiatives relating to climate protection and rural areas etc. in our country anyway; on the other hand, 3rd world countries and emerging economies are often very strongly affected by the effects of climate change without having a significant contribution on the polluter side. Another important point is that we also address several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with such a certified project.

By building cookstoves, we can also make a contribution to protecting the climate (SDG 13), providing affordable and clean energy (SDG 7) and improving the health and well-being of the population (SDG 3). You can find all detailed information at https://www.eecaustria.at/2023-102/ or under https://timewarp.at/nachhaltigkeit/.

If you have any questions, please contact Veronika Pambalk, Communications and Sustainability at Timewarp, at vp@timewarp.at.

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