Cybersecurity with NIS 2

The EU NIS 2 Directive stipulates the minimum standards for cyber security for companies and
companies and organisations as well as the obligation to report relevant incidents.
The EU NIS 2 Directive must also be implemented in Austria by 17 October 2024.
By then at the latest, it will apply to more companies than the previous provisions in NIS 1.
provisions in NIS 1, so it is very important that you find out for yourself
whether your company is affected and, if so, how you can fulfil the regulations.
the regulations.

The background to the introduction of NIS 2 is the increasing digitalisation of the
world of work and the associated increasing digital threat posed by cyber
cyberattacks on companies and organisations, which could also have a drastic impact
on the population. The aim of NIS 2 is to establish network and
information security and obliges affected companies, authorities and public
and public authorities to implement particularly strict cyber security
cyber security measures. The directive is intended to help respond faster and better to
cyber crises and to prevent them. Non-compliance with the requirements
there is also the threat of severe penalties.


We implement the requirements of NIS 2


As a cloud provider delivering services for affected companies, it is very important to us that we
very important that we can provide our customers with maximum support in fulfilling the NIS 2 criteria.
can provide maximum support. That is why we fulfil the NIS 2 criteria in our own
company management and therefore also in the services we provide. The
most important NIS 2 criteria include:

* Cybersecurity is a fundamental principle that is firmly anchored in corporate management and
naturally also in the services.
* An information security management system (ISMS) for employees must be introduced and maintained.
be introduced and maintained. (We implement this as part of our ISO 27001
* Recurring assessment of security risks, adaptation of measures and training of
training of employees must be carried out.
* IT contingency plans including backup and disaster recovery must be drawn up.
* Access restrictions such as multi-factor authentication and encryption must be introduced.
encryption must be introduced.

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