Disaster Recovery aaS – Security Strategy with individual Solutions

Timewarp develops individual DR services based on Hyper-V or VM-Ware. Benefit from the high cost savings of a virtualised private cloud solution and the security and reliability of local data centres with the best network connectivity.

Disaster recovery is an important part of business continuity and is part of a professional IT security strategy. Essentially, companies can achieve IT compliance by building a second data center site with a replicated infrastructure. However, this solution also has disadvantages such as high financing and time requirements and sometimes relatively high latencies in the case of a disaster. That is why Timewarp, as an experienced cloud service provider and disaster recovery provider from Austria, offers disaster recovery as a service from the cloud. The data is located in local data centres with the best network connection.

Affordable DRaaS Solutions from the Cloud

Disaster recovery must work well in the event of an internet attack, natural disaster, or other disruption, and restore all data very quickly to another data center. Two requirements must be met:

  • The same high end hardware, which offers sufficient CPU, RAM and storage, as in the production systems, must also be used in the DR.
  • An appropriate network connection (connectivity) must be available, on the one hand to keep data consistent and, on the other hand, to have the lowest possible latency for accessing the systems in the event of a disaster.

But these two things cost money that does not have to be invested when using a cloud service. Timewarp charges an affordable monthly service price. High costs for hardware, data center space and operation are omitted. The cost savings for Timewarp's disaster recovery as a service compared to running a second data center site is around 60% for customers.

High-End-Data Centre and Connectivity

Timewarp offers disaster recovery as a service in high quality. The core competencies of the Austrian company include hybrid cloud solutions with different virtualisation technologies and a large amount of data center space. For customers, computer resources can thus be made available in the variants shared or dedicated.

Any hardware used is state-of-the-art and housed exclusively in TIER 3+ data centers in Austria. This allows customers to be sure that their DR infrastructure is also in a highly available and highly secure environment, which can be reached at any time thanks to its excellent connectivity.

Connectivity is an important point in DRaaS when it comes to transferring and replicating data. Unlike other providers, Timewarp does not incur high data transfer costs.

In many cases, even in the case of disaster, a broadband link with low latency is obligatory in order to provide the services in sufficient quality. Here Timewarp scores with local data centers to public cloud providers, where the network connection is often a showstopper. The implementation of the DR project is relatively quick and easy. And the self-management of the infrastructure is possible with a management interface. Both Hyper-V and VM Ware can serve as a base.

Consulting and Single Point of Contact

Timewarp advises clients in all IT infrastructure matters. Experts with many years of experience work together with clients to develop emergency plans that will be effective in the event of a disaster. The scenarios can be very complex, so much know-how and experience is important. In addition to professional advice and planning, the technically perfect implementation is a must. At Timewarp, customers receive both from a single source. Competent support completes the benefits for the customer.

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