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DSGVO Compliance when Exchanging Data


Achieve DSGVO compliance when sharing data with your customers, clients, employees or patients. How? – With the file sharing solution Sharebox by Timewarp. Encrypt critical data easily and make sure your data stays in Austria.

Sharebox for DSGVO Compliance when exchanging Data


Since 25/5/18, the exchange of personal data via e-mail is no longer allowed. The reason for this is the entry into force of the GDPR. Since data can not usually be sent encrypted by email, companies need to look for secure alternatives. These must enable DSGVO compliance when exchanging data.

To guarantee DSGVO compliance when exchanging data, secure platforms such as Sharebox based on Nextcloud are a must. On Sharebox you can store and exchange data (files) in encrypted form. This platform is a safe alternative to, for example, Dropbox and other file-sharing services.


Advantages of Sharebox from Timewarp:


  • Guaranteed DSGVO compliance when exchanging data
  • trusted, proven Nextcloud software for encrypting data
  • Data stored in Tier 3+ data centres in Austria
  • fast scalability and high degree of automation
  • Design of the file-sharing surface according to your CI possible
  • for used memory and not for users



Find more information:

Find an Alternativ to Dropbox  https://timewarp.at/en/alternative-zu-dropbox-sicherer-datenaustausch-mit-timewarps-filesharing-loesung/ and

Secure Filesharing with Sharebox  https://timewarp.at/en/sicheres-filesharing-mit-sharebox/

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