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How to make your AI project a success:
IT infrastructure for AI or machine learning from Austria


More and more companies in Austria want to use their data through machine learning to optimize marketing, administration or IT processes or to increase the speed of calculations with graphics-based applications. The focus is mostly on AI workloads on GPU workstations. The high performance of the hardware provides the basis for the further development of processes and thus for a data-centric alignment of the company.

As an IT manager in a company with the above requirements, you have probably already thought about the right AI strategy. In addition to an exact definition of the task or the hypothesis, the goal and the methodology, the availability of sufficient data is of decisive importance for the success of such a project.


KI-Cloud from Austria


At the latest when the above points have been clarified, the question of the ideal IT infrastructure for resource-intensive calculations such as simulations or machine learning arises. If you are taking your first steps in the field of AI and do not want to put a large part of your investment capital into new hardware, a cloud service is ideal. That's why Timewarp is now providing an Austrian variant of GPU Cloud Hosting (the Timewarp KI-Cloud).


A GPU Cloud Service has significant Advantages


Scalable, flexible GPU Resources:

At the beginning of a project it is often not entirely clear how many GPU resources are actually needed. In some cases they are only used regularly (at longer intervals). A cloud solution offers the possibility of adapting the computing power to the actual demand and thus saving costs.


Top Performance for faster Calculations:

GPUs or Graphics Processing Units offer more power than CPUs for certain computing tasks and thereby accelerate simulations or make them possible in the first place.


Fast Time-to-Market:

With GPU cloud hosting, you can rent existing IT infrastructure immediately and start your projects in a very short time.


When it comes to Machine Learning, then (don't) save on Infrastructure


"Offering GPU as an Austrian cloud service was our goal when introducing the new" Timewarp KI-Cloud "," says Rainer Schneemayer, CEO of Timewarp. And further: "Together with our software partner Leftshift One, we created a comprehensive AI framework that provides IaaS, PaaS or SaaS."


The GPU hosting is based on a VMware cluster equipped with Tesla graphics accelerators. Improving the performance and availability of IT systems are Timewarp's core competencies. For this reason, we only use high-end components in our data center locations (InterXion and NTT in Vienna). In total, we made over 100k investments for the introduction of this service.


VMware Cluster with Tesla GPUs


Customers can now obtain this AI infrastructure as a shared, dedicated or hybrid cloud variant. The big advantage here is that they can save high investments and a lot of time by simply renting a fully assembled, managed cluster. As a test version, we provide it in just a few hours for 14 days.


The advantages of the Timewarp AI cloud:


- Billing: full cost transparency through billing to the minute (pay-per-use)

- Storage: all data stored in Austria

- Consulting and Support: full documentation and fast changes within 2 h

- Portability: moveable workloads within clouds and on-premise in Hybrid-Cloud solutions

- IT Security: ISO-Certifications, security features (DDOS prevention, firewall, 2-factor-authentification ect.), no-single-point-of-failure.


Usecases for KI Projects within the Cloud


In times of Covid-19, more and more companies are thinking about moving their graphics workstations to the cloud. The goal is to achieve a significantly better performance for the CAD applications and to give users more flexibility. In the future, they can do your constructions from home.


Do you have any questions about GPU cloud services or would you like to test a GPU cluster?


Rainer Schneemayer

Please contact Rainer Schneemayer, CEO und Sales, unter sales@timewarp.att oder call +43 1 419 14 14 203. More information about our offering VMware Cluster you can find here .


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