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Rent Timewarp servers for every requirement - from the simple v server to the managed Hyprid Cloud solution.

We only use state-of-the-art branded hardware housed in TIER III + data centers in Austria.

With this and our own ISO certifications, we guarantee maximum availability and security.

Benefit from our years of experience in data center and IT operations, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and 24x7 support. In addition, we are RIPE NCC member (AS and BGP).

Accelerate your business with the top connectivity we provide, and flexible additions, such as scalability (server pools) and load balancing. This allows your IT resources to grow with your business!

Rent Servers - Wich is best for me?

Virtual Servers

Do you want to have your applications connected to the internet highly available? Your data and programs should be easily accessible on the go, at home or in your office?

But you do not want to give up the highest level of security?

If you do not want to worry about backups, maintenance and investments into hardware yourself, running a virtual server is just the thing for you!


Dedicated Servers

Do you need defined CPU and RAM capacities?

Do you want full administrator rights to configure your server yourself?

Then rent different versions of Root Servers at reasonable prices!

We guarantee state-of-the-art hardware. Simply configure your infrastructure yourself by connecting virtual servers to the root server and easily scaling them when you need more resources.


Managed Hyper-V Host

Do you want to operate your own server farms and take care of the administration of the virtual machines yourself?

With a managed Hyper V host you have the full flexibility.

We provide you with the highly available cluster of network switches, dedicated servers and storage (Netapp or Pure Storage) and take care of the operation of the platform. So you can take care of the important things in your business.


Hybrid Cloud

Bring your IT Systems together with the fast and easily scalable services of a public cloud or create your Multi Cloud scenario so you can respond to peak loads.

If needed, simply extend your infrastructure with Timewarps virtual or dedicated servers.

To protect your investment, you may also be able to move your existing hardware to our data centers and continue to use it.


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Have questions about the servers? - I would love to advise you!

Please write me an email to sales@timewarp.at or call under +43 (0) 664 337 38 21.

Rainer Schneemayer, Sales Timewarp


Rent Servers: Simple, Managed or Hybrid Cloud


There is the ideal server for each project. With us you can rent Sever as a virtual server (for example, virtual private server, short VPS) or as a dedicated server (for example, root server).

Also renting a platform as a Hyper-V host is possible. So you have to worry only about managing your server farm.

We are happy to develop individual hybrid or multi cloud scenarios for you!

Virtual oder dedicated Server

You can choose between Linux operating systems (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Redhat, and others) or Windows operating systems like Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012R2, 2016, 2019 (Standard and Datacenter Editions from 2012).

Benefit from our experience in IT operation and rent Cloud Server as a managed variant!

We then take over the setup, operation and monitoring of your servers.


End Hardware Trouble

Hire your managed Hyper-V host at Timewarp. Operate your own server farms right up to the Virtual Datacenter on state-of-the-art brand hardware and benefit from the excellent connection and security of our data centers.

We will be happy to connect your existing server landscape with the advantages of a cloud solution and develop individual hybrid- or multi-cloud scenarios for you!

Cloud Servers for business critical Applications

There are many possible uses for virtual servers or cloud servers.

We support you in providing your mission-critical business applications. For high availability, data security, data storage in Austria and the simple and rapid infrastructure scalability are our core competencies.

We support you in the implementation of:

  • FTP Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • File Servers
  • Database Servers
  • ERP Servers
  • Application BMD Servers
  • Webservers
  • Game Servers
  • E-Commerce Servers
  • and much more

Server Rent has many Advantages


The reasons why you should rent a server instead of buying one and running it on premise can be many. The most common are:

  • Compliance

  • Flexibility

  • Performance

  • Security

  • Availability

  • 24x7 Operation and Support

Rent high-end servers and server pools at a reasonable price. The cloud servers in our Tier3 + data centers offer highest performance as well as fast SSD for high computing performance.


The Self Service Portal allows you to easily manage and complete your infrastructure in a matter of seconds.

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