Internet Security

Safe in the net on the way

It is part of everyday life to surf the Internet with different end devices or via cloud on e.g. enterprise applications or data. This begs a question: How safe are all these devices actually? For us, as a security-conscious cloud provider, internet security is very important to us. We want to help our customers ensure that the devices that access cloud services are well protected. Only in this way can a consistently high level of security be achieved.

We trust the new generation of internet security: Sophos Intercept X. With the sophisticated endpoint solution Intercept X your IT system including all devices is protected against attacks of all kinds. Even unknown pests can be blocked before they cause damage. Especially in the age of encryption Trojans, a reliable Internet security solution is a must for every customer. Because it's about the safety of your assets, your data!

Advantages of an Internet Security Solution

  • It stops ransomware (encryption trojans) by blocking the unauthorized encryption of files.

  • It prevents zero-day attacks.

  • It completely cleanses systems by removing all traces of malware.

  • It analyzes the causes and visualizes these easily applicable.

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Sophos Intercept X


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