Renewal of Timewarps Network with Arista

We are renewing our network and are relying on the innovative vendor Arista. This will increase the bandwidth, performance and availability of our network. It is very important to us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the future and to be able to meet SLAs. This requires uninterrupted network operation, even during maintenance work, and that errors can be avoided from the outset. That's why we chose Arista's outstanding data-driven cloud networking technology. Our decision was based on the high level of automation, centralized management, detailed reporting and alerting in case of anomalies, as well as the high security and flexibility of the solution. Last but not least, the fact that Arista does not have a vendor lock-in and does not require spanning tree thanks to the error-free implementation of the spine-safe concept (VXLAN) were also decisive factors.


Our Experience with Arista so far

Arista is the network technology that companies as Facebook, Google and Apple also use. This is because Arista is one of the leading manufacturers in the provider environment. Arista is a cross-device solution that collects and interprets data from all network components. This provides a comprehensive overview of the history and state of the entire network. The data forms the basis of automatic fault detection and remediation. We receive alerts on security threads, performance problems or potential errors. With Cloudvision, we have a centralized tool to manage all switches in the Timewarp network. The solution also provides an API layer for third-party application integration. Arista uses the same software on all switch models and relies on open standards/RFCs, and thus has no vendor lock-in.

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