How can I protect against Internet Attacks?

Our Tipps for Cloud Security:

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly. According to a study, almost half of German companies report an attack in the last 12 months, and the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) rates the security situation as critical. The situation is likely to have developed similarly for Austria, warns the Chamber of Commerce on its website.
So it's high time to start thinking about cloud security. That's why we're giving you an overview of the most important measures that, in our opinion, provide the best protection against attacks. We recommend that you implement these security measures as quickly as possible. We are happy to help you with this.

1) Secure DNS
This allows you to prevent access to malicious websites from the inside, and Command & Control connections can also be blocked this way.

2) Securing the systems with XDR Tools
These register changes in systems and can thus also react to unknown attacks.

3) Encryption of data as well as virtual machines/cloud servers
With this additional layer of security, information can be better protected, since you can, for example, also prevent administrative users from accessing data.

4) Two-Factor-Authentication
This will prevent you from accessing your systems even if your password is stolen.

5) Web Application Firewalls
Together with secure authentication methods, these secure your web platforms very well.

6) Central management of log data and incident response plans
This enables you to better recognize complex interrelationships. In the event of deviations, you are alerted and can react to them at an early stage.

7) Sophisticated backup/restore concept
In an emergency, data can be restored reliably and quickly. Imutable backups are a must here.

8) Next Generation Firewalls
This is a classic protection of the perimeter to allow only very few connections from the outside to the inside.

9) Securing the East-West traffic,
to make only the most necessary ports on the servers accessible in the internal network as well.

10) Securing APIs,
so that automated communication at the application level does not become a weak point.

In general, the Mitre Defense Tool also provides a good overview of current threats. Here, attack methods that are actually observed in everyday life are presented in a structured manner. We also use this matrix, among others, to select the right protection mechanisms.

If you have questions about one or the other solution or need help with the implementation, feel free to contact me at oder telefonisch unter +43 1 419 14 14 203.

Best regards,
Rainer Schneemayer

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