Discover the variety of Office 365 licences for your SME!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need tools that help them work efficiently and realise their full potential. With Office 365, Microsoft offers a wide range of licence options that are perfectly tailored to the needs of companies like yours.


Increase Productivity with Office 365 Licences for SMEs

From basic email and word processing features to powerful collaboration tools like MS Teams and cloud storage, Office 365 has everything your organisation needs to be productive. What's more, collaborative editing of documents is a breeze for team members as they are stored centrally in the cloud and the latest version is easily accessible to everyone.


With various licence plans, you can choose exactly the functions that are best suited to your company. From Business Basic to Business Premium - there is a suitable option for every budget and every requirement. We will be happy to help you select and purchase the licences and make them available to you as a cloud service.


Secure Data

Security comes first! Office 365 offers advanced security features that protect your data while supporting regulatory compliance. We also extend the offering with multi-factor authentication, backup storage and disaster recovery services. So no data is lost.


Would you like to learn more about how Office 365 can help your SME? Contact us for a consultation or more information at!

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