IT Management

Azure Self Service Portal

With the Microsoft Azure Self Service Portal®, you can enjoy the full functionality of a self-managed system with one key advantage: your systems run on servers housed exclusively in TIER 3 data centres in Austria. Your data will also be stored here.

The Azure Self Service Portal, running on Timewarp infrastructure, allows you to cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly build your enterprise cloud.

This makes managing servers a breeze. Cloud servers can be created based on defined templates. Different operating systems are possible as well as additional packages.

For example, you can allocate resources in the area of RAM, CPU (CPU cores), disk space, or define networks and rules for firewalls. Last but not least, you can also set up your VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to securely integrate cloud servers into your infrastructure (Hybrid cloud).

That makes you sleep peacefully- Monitoring as a Service

Keep your IT systems running and rely on 24/7 monitoring.

Use the experience of our experts to ensure a stable operation or a reliable and cost-effective on-call service with monitoring of your critical services. We support you with problems in defined reaction times (Service Level Agreements) and on-site times, undertake maintenance work proactively (Operation Level Agreements) or take over the 24x7 operation completely for you.

Monitoring as a Service is an aspect of cloud computing that enables you to monitor entire systems or parts of them, such as various services and applications in the cloud. You do not have to install your own systems, but use ready-made, proven components. This saves you time and money. If critical values are exceeded, you will receive an e-mail or an SMS on your mobile device.

We offer these services either as classic monitoring as a service or as an on-premise option. For monitoring, PRTG is used by Paessler.

S-IMS Database Management

If you use business-critical database systems, then you must provide reliable database operation and the high availability of these. That's why we use a self-developed management tool that has been designed exactly for this purpose and has been continuously developed over the past 10 years. This allows daily routine work to be carried out automatically, which significantly increases the reliability of your databases. Our experts will assist you or take over the stable operation of the database systems. This includes comprehensive monitoring and 24x7 on-call service and support if required.

If bottlenecks occur, we will inform you at an early stage so that you can plan the development of your capacity utilization in good time. Unforeseen and non-budgeted investments are a thing of the past.

You get an overview of your databases via a clear management interface.

API (Application Programming Interface)

With a programmable interface (API), you can access databases or hardware in a TIMEWARP Hybrid Cloud. The programs you develop can be integrated into the TIMEWARP portal, which is an important basis for fully automated orchestration.

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