About Timewarp

Managing Directors

  • Michael Pambalk-Rieger

    Michael Pambalk-Rieger

    CEO and Owner

    With TIMEWARP I can realize my vision of highly standardized and automated IT services in the form of cloud services.

  • Rainer Schneemayer

    Rainer Schneemayer

    CEO and Sales Director

    At TIMEWARP I have the opportunity, together with a great team, to help those companies whose business demands that IT be constantly adapted to the rapidly changing circumstances.

  • Veronika Pambalk

    Veronika Pambalk

    Marketing and PR

    It is fun to work in a dynamic environment and to be able to broaden your horizons again and again.

  • Mag. Alexandra Klein

    Mag. Alexandra Klein


    I appreciate the good working atmosphere and the consideration of the individual needs on both the customer and the employee side. The opportunity to contribute with ideas and their abilities creates the necessary space to constantly evolve.

  • Dipl. Ing. Jens Hilbig

    Dipl. Ing. Jens Hilbig

    Head of Operations

    Customer projects and the further development of our own infrastructure are an exciting challenge and motivation at the same time. My daily work is never boring and allows me new things
    zu lernen und interessante Kontakte zu knüpfen.

  • Raimund Lorenz

    Raimund Lorenz

    Head of Support

    At Timewarp I can implement my ideas about teamwork. Responsible action is an important key factor in my team and also for quickly solving customer problems.

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