E-Mail-Archiving as a Service

New Cloud Service provides legal Certainty for Email Retention and increases Efficiency for Users and Administrators


Legal regulations require companies to archive e-mails for several years. This correspondence should be stored in a tamper-proof manner and be recoverable anytime. Therefore we offer a new cloud service based on MailStore SPE. Our customers now have an easy way to archive emails automatically and legally secure in Austrian data centers. The data archived in this way is stored and managed centrally. It also can be restored very quickly, completely and, if necessary, deleted in all versions.


Advantage of Email Archiving versus Backup


Backup is an important factor in a company's disaster recovery plan. However, it does not replace email archiving. In order to comply with the GoDB (principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access) and the GDPR, companies must use special archiving systems. These can store all versions of mails true to the original for years and make them quickly retrievable.

Backups cannot do this, because they only provide snapshots. After all, these are also not tamper-proof, since individual mails or entire mailboxes can be deleted even before they are saved.


Data Security with simultaneous Saving of Resources


Centralized email archiving from the cloud keeps data for years without change or loss. The full text indexing makes it easy to search for specific documents. The needed content can thus be found very quickly. At the same time, the special nature of the email archiving solution enables storage capacities to be reduced by as much as 70% and mail servers to be relieved. Mailbox limitations are a thing of the past, as are PST files. Behind this is the automatic deletion of mails from a mailbox as soon as it has been archived. Nothing changes for users, except that searching for mails and content is much easier and faster.


Versatile Technology


Email Archiving as a Service supports almost all email systems, archiving and access methods. The archiving solution stores copies of all emails in a central archive, ensuring security and availability for years.

The e-mail archive serves as a supplement to the existing e-mail system. The administrator on the customer side configures which e-mails are automatically transferred to the archive at what time and whether the e-mails are also to be automatically deleted from the mailboxes of the e-mail server after archiving. We provide the e-mail archiving solution for customers via cloud, with the data being stored in certified data centers in Austria.


Do you have questions or need advice?


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at beratung@timewarp.at.
Yours, Rainer Schneemayer
Sales & CEO


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