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Synology S3 Backup Configuration

Backup Configuration

1.Login to your Synology and open Package Center.

2. Search for “Hyper Backup” and install it.

3. Open Hyper Backup when installation is finished. Add new Backup Task.

4. Select Data backup task.

5. Search for S3 and select S3 Storage.

6. use “Custom Server Url”

use “https://s3.timewarp.at” as Server address

Signature Version: v4

Request Style: Path-Style

Enter your Access Key & Secret Key.

Click on the dropdown menu for Bucket selection.

Choose the Backup Directory name (“SYNOLOGY_1” is default).

7. Choose Folder(s) you want to backup.

8. You could add applications for backup here.

9. Choose a Task name and a frequency for backup and integrity check.

Recommended: Enable client-side encryption. Scroll down to enter a strong password (>=16 chars).

Save the password and the certificate file at a safe location, if you loose them you are not able to access your backups again.

10. Warning Popup when client-side encryption is activated:

11. You can enable Backup Rotations here (recommended):

12. “From earliest versions”: versions are all kept until max number of kept versions is reached.

If you choose daily backup for 265 version, 265 daily backups will be kept and after this time the oldest versions will be deleted. You can go back for about 9 month.

13. Smart Recycle: Synologys predefined cycle.

You keep hourly backups (if set) for 24h, daily backups for 1 month and after this time you keep weekly backups until 256 versions are reached. About 4 years retention time is possible with 256 version in that case.

14. Custom retention

You can configure the retention time as you prefer, like in that example.

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