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Tier 1 to 4 data center is nothing but a standardized methodology used to define uptime of data center. This is useful for measuring: a) Data center performance b) Investment c) ROI (return on investment) Tier 4 data center considered as most robust and less prone to failures. Tier 4 is designed to host mission […]
vServers from Austria: What are the advantages? Choosing the right hosting company can be a complex task, especially because there are so many options on the market. If you are looking for a reliable hosting option in Austria, vServer hosting could be the perfect solution for you. Hosting cloud servers in Austria has many advantages. […]
What are Managed K8s Services Kubernetes is an open source platform that allows you to easily manage, scale and deploy containers. It also allows you to manage containers automatically, including restarting containers. Managed K8s Services means that we provide this platform and the required resources and operate them in a highly available way. Which Advantages […]
Why encrypt data? Read here how to encrypt your cloud storage. Encrypting data at the server or in cloud storage is important to ensure the security of your data. Without encryption, your data can be intercepted and stolen by hackers or other unauthorised people. Encryption converts your data into an unreadable form that can only […]
Backup Configuration 1.Login to your Synology and open Package Center. 2. Search for “Hyper Backup” and install it. 3. Open Hyper Backup when installation is finished. Add new Backup Task. 4. Select Data backup task. 5. Search for S3 and select S3 Storage. 6. use “Custom Server Url” use “https://s3.timewarp.at” as Server address Signature Version: […]
Access & Restore Backup 1. Click on the Clock icon: 2. Enter the password for the backups. 3. This will open the restore window, where you can see the days with backup and the number of versions per day. 4. Choose the file or folder you want to restore. “Restore” copies the files to the […]
How to connect to the S3 Browser? You can access Timewarp's S3 storage via an S3 browser. This can be downloaded for free. With a Timewarp S3 client, you can access and manage files stored in buckets. You can upload, download and delete files, create folders and perform other operations without using a web browser. […]
Embed S3 Archive Storage in your Nextcloud Here you will find a description of how to integrate our S3 Object Storage into Nextcloud: Set up Namespace 1. A namespace must be created to enable S3 for this customer. 2. Enter your Default Admin Username and Password and make a note of them. You will need […]
Cloud end-to-end encryption provides an extra layer of security for businesses and individuals, ensuring the privacy and integrity of data when stored in the cloud. This type of encryption keeps data safe by making sure only the intended recipient can view it, regardless of whether it is stored on a server or transmitted over the […]
What is End-to-End Encryption? End-to-end encryption is a form of data security that encrypts data at its origin, throughout transit, and until it reaches its destination. This type of encryption helps to ensure that your data remains secure while it is being stored and transmitted across different networks, devices and software applications. It also prevents […]
With TIMEWARP's Kubernetes aaS offering, you can outsource the operation of the entire platform to us and fully focus on your core competence. We also offer a large portfolio of 24x7 managed services that you can access as needed. Kubernetes aaS enables a low time-to-market and you can roll out quickly and flexibly. It also […]
Structure of the Kubernetes platform We build the Kubernetes platform on a VMware cluster or on a Hyper-V cluster. The clusters run in one data center or are distributed across two data centers. In principle, there is a VPN connection between the admin client and the master nodes. In front of the worker nodes we […]
Activation of Servers and Users In order to use the MFA gateway, we need to activate the users or servers. Please send a request to support@timewarp.at with the following details of all users. - Username - Phone number (no extension) - Server to be accessed As soon as everything is prepared on our side, we […]
What you need to know about setting up a virtual data center A virtual data center offers resource contingents in the cloud. It is a secure and efficient way to store and manage large amounts of data. For example, if they want to separate the IT test environment from the production environment, you can solve […]
To maintain availability, diesel is stored for at least 40 hours of data center operation at the InterXion Vienna VIE1 data center, where much of our infrastructure and that of our customers is housed. There are no guaranteed delivery times between Interxion and fuel suppliers in the event of a blackout, which is quite standard. […]
Basically, we work exclusively with "data at rest" encryption in our shared cloud environment. This means that the data is encrypted on the central storage and therefore there can be no undesired data leakage even if the hard disks are replaced. In this variant, all authorized users have access to the data, including us as […]

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