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Access & Restore Backup 1. Click on the Clock icon: 2. Enter the password for the backups. 3. This will open the restore window, where you can see the days with backup and the number of versions per day. 4. Choose the file or folder you want to restore. “Restore” copies the files to the […]
Backup Configuration 1.Login to your Synology and open Package Center. 2. Search for “Hyper Backup” and install it. 3. Open Hyper Backup when installation is finished. Add new Backup Task. 4. Select Data backup task. 5. Search for S3 and select S3 Storage. 6. use “Custom Server Url” use “https://s3.timewarp.at” as Server address Signature Version: […]
Embed S3 Archive Storage in your Nextcloud Here you will find a description of how to integrate our S3 Object Storage into Nextcloud: Set up Namespace 1. A namespace must be created to enable S3 for this customer. 2. Enter your Default Admin Username and Password and make a note of them. You will need […]
How to connect to the S3 Browser? You can access Timewarp's S3 storage via an S3 browser. This can be downloaded for free. With a Timewarp S3 client, you can access and manage files stored in buckets. You can upload, download and delete files, create folders and perform other operations without using a web browser. […]

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