GPU Cloud Service from Austria for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

We have expanded our portfolio to include GPU hosting. We thus provide high-performance compute infrastructure for AI applications. Technically and in terms of price, the cloud service offers a very high level (Nvidia Tesla A100 GPUs and very fast storages) that easily stands up to comparison with international providers. Together with the VDC (Virtual Datacenter) services, customers receive a complete bundle of GPU support and managed services and also have the guarantee that their data remains in Austria. The GPU Cloud Services can be purchased in different individual versions, either dedicated with a monthly fixed price or shared with a rental price with 5-minute billing intervals.


Machine Learning, what is it?

Machine Learning is a computerized recognition of patterns using a learning algorithm. Deep Learning is a part of it. However, Deep Learning is far more complex because neural networks are used for it. These have to process huge amounts of data and the computing power required for these applications is correspondingly high.

TIMEWARP's GPU service provides the rapidly expandable computing power for this and can be used for automatic image recognition and tagging of images, for calculating weather forecasts or for speech recognition, among other things. With the help of the GPU Cloud Service, customers can also upgrade their end devices to power workstations with 3-D acceleration, create CAD and 3-D workstations or use desktop applications with 3-D support. This makes complex calculations location-independent and can also easily meet the ever-increasing demand for home office solutions.


Technical Equipment of the AI Cloud Infrastructure

GPU-based IT systems with high memory speed and a high number of cores for simultaneous computation are very important so that the large amounts of data can be processed well. Therefore TIMEWARP exclusively uses Nvidia Tesla A 100 GPUs. These GPUs meet the requirements of complex calculations in the best possible way.

The entire AI hardware with the associated storage is installed in highly secure data centers in Vienna (InterXion or NTT). In Austria, we are one of the few providers that can offer an entire VDC (Virtual Datacenter) as a bundle with the GPU service. For customers, this has the advantage that AI projects are implemented very quickly and comprehensively by one provider and at a very high technical level (including fast access to storage and high bandwidth in communication). This means that ML and DL projects can be implemented much faster and the workload in ongoing operations is significantly lower. The implementation of AI projects with GPU service is currently possible with us immediately, as there are currently still sufficient resources available. The data remains 100% in Austria.


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