Private Data in Law Firms or Surgery

GDPR-compliant Data Storage and secure Data Exchange


There are companies that have particularly high data security requirements. This applies to both data storage and the exchange of confidential or even sensitive data within the meaning of data protection law, which must be encrypted and may only be exchanged via secure channels.

Among others, law firms and companies in the healthcare sector are among these customers. Since they have to meet particularly high standards, we provide them with a cloud solution that meets the need for security, is easy to use and also works very quickly and safely.


The basis of our solution is the remote office ( (with or without MS Office) and our secure file sharing solution called Sharebox ( secure-file-sharing-with-sharebox/). By default, we keep all data in an Austrian data center and mirror the backups in a second data center in Vienna.


Remote office for easy Teamwork


Remote office simply means that data and applications are in the cloud and users can access and edit them from any device at any time of the day. A remote office has been of particular importance since the beginning of the Corona crisis, in which working from home has increased.

Working on files together for a team is very easy in the remote office, as the data is stored in a central location that any authorized user can access. This avoids the temporary downloading of files for local editing and avoids file conflicts where content diverges. In addition, personal backups are also possible, to which only one person has access.

Depending on the requirements and budget, we make the virtual resources of Remote Office available as a dedicated or shared cloud. Irrespective of this, we secure the infrastructure with firewalls and ensure secure backups and automatic updates. By default, we save the backups in a second data center so that your data can be restored in the event of a disaster.


Sharebox ensures encrypted Data


Sharebox is an online storage based on Nextcloud. We offer companies a secure alternative to Dropbox and similar services. Data is not only stored securely in Austria, but also securely exchanged with external persons (in this case clients or patients). According to the GDPR, no sensitive data may be sent via e-mail, as there is no encryption in this transmission path. That's why Sharebox is also a very good way of communication, as data remains encrypted end-to-end.

Unlike other file sharing services, billing is based on the storage space actually used and not on the number of users. This is a very big advantage for companies (lawyers, doctors, ..) that have to exchange documents with a large number of customers.
The data exchange works either via created users or with a generated link, which can be sent by e-mail, for example, and can only be opened with a password. Access to data can be implemented with any mobile client.


Advantages of Remote Office with Sharebox at a Glance:


→ Data 100% in Austria

→ End-to-End-Encryption

→ GDPR-compliant and certified

→ Compatible with any Device

→ Complete IT outsourcing with monthly fixed costs

→ One contact with fast Response Times

→ Protection against Data Loss or Data Theft

→ High Data Security through Firewalls and Backups

→ High Availability and Speed thanks to Allflash Technology

→ Integration of Sharebox in Remote Office with central User Authentication


Do you have Questions about this Solution?


Then please contact Rainer Schneemayer, CEO and Sales at Timewarp, at or +43 1 419 14 14 -203.


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