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Risk of Data Loss

Are your servers still in the broom cupboard?

Many companies have been hosting their servers in their own homes for years. Usually the spatial conditions and the safety precautions no longer correspond to the standard. As a result, these companies risk vulnerabilities and thus data theft. If personal data is stolen by customers or employees due to inadequate data protection measures, this can lead to heavy fines. In short, data loss can jeopardize the existence of the company.

Strict provisions in the GDPR 2018

The new EU regulation on data protection entered into force in mid-2018. High time to take action against data loss. The new regulations place high demands on the security of the data. This affects the areas of authentication, encryption, secure back-up and rapid restore and of course the physical security of IT systems. What are the key challenges to completing the privacy policy varies from case to case? Therefore, we recommend to do a detailed analysis, such as the DGPR Fitness Check. This quickly makes it clear what, when and how must be implemented in order to be on the safe side.

Physical security of the IT systems Basic requirement against data loss

The reason for remaining of the servers in the company’s own building is, according to many entrepreneurs, the supposedly cost-effective accommodation of these. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes clear that the risk of data loss is disproportionately high. In case of a disaster without the possibility of a fast data recovery, the operation is shut down. Other major security breaches that can lead to data loss or theft are lack of access restrictions, simple power supply and poor cooling. Stressful for the everyday life in the company are also the comparatively high downtime. Further information on data security and data protection by technology under


The solution: Server Housing in Tier 3 data cente

Server housing is booming, as more and more entrepreneurs are choosing this highly professional IT solution. The hardware remains the property of the company as well as the entire responsibility for operation and management. But what really improves is the standards in terms of security and data availability. Access controls, cooling, fire protection and energy supply always meet state-of-the-art criteria. This increases the security and availability of the systems by the decisive factor. In the medium term also investment costs decrease, since housing costs are rental costs. Another key advantage is that IT systems can be easily and quickly scaled.

Weitere Infos https://timewarp.at/housing/

Rent now rack for only 825 € / month

Do you want to operate your own data center more no more but instead rent racks? Do you have no more floor space for your servers? Do you want to use hybrid cloud services as quickly and cost-effectively as possible? Then use our offer and rent racks in our data centers in Vienna: 1 rack incl. 2kW power, electricity consumption flat rate and 100Mbit Internet uplink to 825, – Euro / month (minimum 36 months) Timewarp Tier 3 data center. Further offers and information can be found at


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