Mega Performance and High Availability


Increase the performance and availability of your applications and help your company to completely new business opportunities! VMware is the ideal virtualization platform for this.

Availability 99,99%

All Data stored in Austria


Diaster Recovery with RTO and RPO = 0

Your Advantages


Getting started with VMware virtualization can be complicated and lengthy. We will help you because we are a highly specialized cloud provider from Austria and offer VMware virtualization (and Hyper-V virtualization OR KVM) on shared platforms.


Container as a Service

We provide you with container technology as a service. This allows you to greatly simplify or automate CI/CD and your cluster is stretched across multiple clouds.

Multi Cloud Integration

We integrate your AWS, Azure or Google resources into one platform and create a multi cloud scenario. This allows you to use your resources agilely across all clouds.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

We migrate your applications and data to the private cloud or build a hybrid cloud scenario for you. After that, your IT infrastructure is highly available.


Our experts migrate your applications from on premises to a private or hybrid cloud quickly and securely. Or we combine your resources from different clouds into a real multi-cloud.

Then you can use IT resources from the virtual data center without limits and elastically - highly available and agile.


Test VMware Platform for 14 Days!


On request, we can provide you with a VMware platform for testing.

Please contact me and your platform will be ready for testing in a few hours

Rainer Schneemayer


How does the VMware Platform work?


The solution is a premium virtual data center service for customers for whom availability is extremely important.

Our VMware vSphere ESXi Server Farm is clustered over 2 data centers (Tier III+). The TIER III+ standard is the highest achievable standard for data centers in Austria. InterXion and eShelter achieve this, where our infrastructure for your virtual data center is housed.

Only servers of the latest technology with extremely fast CPUs are used.

An Allflash system from Pure serves as storage, which provides the data stores via Fiber Channel.

This storage has an availability of 99.999%, which means that we can also provide a 99.99% availability guarantee around the clock for the entire platform.

The Internet connection is made via redundant upstream providers, where we can optionally also offer DDOS prevention up to the Tbit range.


Image of a VMware cluster


Manage, Connect and Protect Applications
in the virtual Data Center


The VMware platform is protected by a 2-tier security concept with a Check Point firewall cluster and a Radware Defense Pro solution.


The routing between the networks can either be done in software or via the firewall cluster. You can also bring your IP addresses (PI/PA networks) which we can propagate via our BGP routers.


A vCloud Director serves as management, which gives you maximum flexibility in terms of self-service options. This also allows us to map hybrid models and centrally manage VMware resources in the Amazon Cloud (AWS).



Try and Buy Virtualization


Experience the possibilities that a virtual data center offers you without risk.

Because we are happy to provide you with virtual machines in a try & buy version.

This means that we implement your requirements as part of a PoC and only charge when all technical requirements have been met.

Try now!

Do you have questions? Please contact us!