Why we want to become more sustainable

Our Way to more Sustainability

Michael Pambalk-Rieger, CEO and Owner of Timewarp, explains why sustainability will play a major role.

Why we want to become more sustainable?

For me as a native of Tyrol, the connection to nature has always been essential. The thought that something as magnificent as the glaciers cannot be preserved for future generations pains me greatly.

What are we going to do?

Step by step, we will make our office and data centers more sustainable. This means that the first step will be to reduce our carbon footprint. And then we will continue to address one issue after another where we can make improvements.

What should change in the next 12 months?

For me, it's small steps that count in the beginning, it starts with shortening shipping routes and bringing efficiency into the system. It should evolve so that we analyze every area of the company and our processes and identify the potential for savings and then derive measures to enable us to contribute to achieving the climate targets.

What has already happened in terms of climate protection?

We have already switched almost completely to e-mobility and only use returnable bottles in the office. These are only small steps, but they are also effective if they are taken by many. We also make sure that our data centers are powered by renewable energy.

What do you want to achieve?

Unfortunately, the possibilities for action in the area of climate protection by individuals and companies are also limited, since we are all parts of a large system and systemic changes are absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, we want to actively accept our responsibility in the area of climate protection and, especially as a cloud company, which by nature has a high energy consumption, pay attention to resource-conserving actions, renewable energy and sustainability.

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